About Viva

Viva is the cultural barometer people turn to each week to discover the very best in fashion, beauty, food, wine and design.

The magazine has a weekly readership of over 280,000 people and comes in The New Zealand Herald every Wednesday. viva.co.nz extends the print edition's authority online, curated by our recognised and trusted editors.

In a crowded online space, our mission is to engage readers with a well-edited, respected point of view of the good things in life.


Managing Editor, Amanda Linnell
Associate Editor, Zoe Walker
Writers, Fiona Ralph, Rosie Kelway, Rebecca Barry Hill
Digital Content Producer, Jessica Beresford
Fashion Editor, Dan Ahwa
Beauty Editor, Janetta Mackay
Food Editor, Nici Wickes
Recipe Editor, Angela Casley
Wine Editor, Jo Burzynska
Wellbeing Editor, Rebecca Wadey
Photographer, Babiche Martens
Designer, Beth Walsh
Editorial Assistant, Anna Lee
Design and Digital Assistant, Lucy Casley

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