Clarins iconic Double Serum gets healthy reboot

The prestigious French brand’s new turmeric-based serum promises instant results

When it comes to what you put on your face, whether it’s the cleanser you use twice a day, or the sunscreen you like, picking products that actually work is difficult.

Why is it that some of our favourite products just can’t do everything? Whether it’s the inability to fight ageing while also hydrating and treating damaged cells, or the lack of powerful natural extracts, even the hardest working of serums can’t quite manage it all.

Enter, Clarins Double Serum. Developed in 1985 by Jacques Courtin-Clarins and now in its eighth generation, Clarins’ favourite serum has been spiced up — with powerful plant-based ingredients that make it even harder working.

Targeting both the hydric and lipidic systems, the Double Serum targets five vital aspects of the skin’s functioning, which if not looked after properly can be disrupted and lead to damaged and prematurely aged skin.

The secret ingredient? It can be found in your spice cabinet, but not like this. Clarins’ turmeric extract has been specifically sourced because it is highly concentrated in the active ingredient turmerone, which is responsible for its age-control properties. Double Serum conveniently delivers these concentrated benefits directly to the complexion.

Developed with comprehensive, validated science and research, the serum has been proven to reduce the appearance of ageing. It works hard on a cellular level to promote a healthy relationship between skin cells, using 21 high-performing plant extracts (two of which have a specific targeted action) to result in the kind of glow only the French could have discovered.

The core of the serum comes down to its ability to open up the cells in a way that’s beneficial to cell turnover, therefore resulting in younger-looking, softer, and more hydrated skin — with proven results for all to see.

So why the name Double Serum? As long-time fans of Clarins will know, this iconic product has always been regarded for its concentrated dual-action formulation.

Mixing not one, but two, optimised formulas into one bottle, Courtin-Clarins wanted to create a superpower product, or, as he put it “the best product in the world”. The results – smoother, firmer, more beautiful skin – speak for themselves.


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