New Year, New You! Tips For Starting The Year Right

Dr Libby Weaver, Kirsty Godso, Art Green and more share their easy wellbeing tips for starting the new year right

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Kirsty Godso, Nike master trainer
“Focus on what you put in your body. Whether that is food, thoughts, breath or water — all of these things have a dramatic result on the effects of your training. It's easy to hit the gym hard in the new year coming in with a fresh attitude but don't underestimate the importance that good nutrition and regeneration contribute also.

If the ultimate goal is sustainable healthy living, be kind to your body by making smart food choices that are right for you. Hydrate and sleep more, and fuel your mind with things that are worthy of taking up space in there  unsubscribe from the spam! Your body and burpees will thank you for it.”

Art Green, director of CleanPaleo
“My tip is to find something to train for or work towards. Maybe pick an event like a half marathon or a 10k run event, a cycle trip or hike with a friends. Whatever you chose to train for, it has to be something that A) you want to do either because you will enjoy it or because you know you will feel a great sense of achievement from completing it. Or, B) is going to require you to improve yourself in some way to take part in.

It is much more interesting and motivating to train for something than it is to simply exercise. Plus when people ask you what you're up to, you don't just have to talk about how busy you are with work, you can bore them with your training stories also.”

Tony Marsh, personal trainer and founder of I.AM app
“Aim for overall health. This includes not only your body but your mind. In other words, the way you handle emotions and stress. Look at the areas in your life where your body and mind might need attention e.g. are you getting enough sleep at night? Poor sleep has been linked to obesity, lowered immune function, and memory problems. Are you getting enough exercise? Exercise is not only essential for weight management and physical health, it also improves mood and sleep patterns. Your general health creates a ripple effect on all areas of your health.”

Dr Libby Weaver, nutritional biochemist, best-selling author and speaker
“Look at the whole picture: remember how you eat, drink, move, think, breathe, believe and perceive all impact how you show up each day. Your biochemistry, the nutrients you consume, as well as your beliefs impact whether you experience energy or not. We must give our body what it needs to create the conditions inside of us that allow us to feel energised.”

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Olivia Scott, founder of The Raw Kitchen
“Write down each day what you are grateful for. This allows us to be happy with what we already have, and is a great base to start when setting new intentions for the new year!”

Dean Purcell, personal trainer and founder of The Garage Gym Project
“My top wellness exercise would have to be the wall facing squat. We all need to be squatting because it's a fundamental movement pattern used in our everyday life. This is great for people that spend a large amount of time sitting, it helps with tight hip flexors and lower back pain and It can be done any time and the only piece of equipment you need is a wall.

All you need to do is face a wall and bring your toes as close to the wall as possible - your feet should be slightly wider than shoulder width. Bring your knees forward so they are also touching the wall, keeping your head forward and using your arms to guide you, slowly lower yourself as far down as possible without losing contact with your knees, pause for one second then come back up, again pause for one second and repeat. Aim for 10-20 reps every day.”

Emma Mildon, author of The Soul Searcher's Handbook
“Follow your nose in 2017! Adding aromatherapy to your day-to-day can transform any mood or situation. If Monday mornings are a challenge incorporate refreshing, awakening; and invigorating scents like citrus, rosemary, or peppermint by adding it to your pulse points, your bedroom, or even to your car for your morning commute. It will help to clear and focus the mind for the day ahead.

If a busy mind has you up at night, or your new year mantra is to stress-less, then add scents like lavender, ylang ylang, or sandal wood to your day, especially to your bed time routine. These calming scents help to settle the mind, promote a well-rested sleep, and can even help to lower blood pressure. You can purchase ready made essential oil room sprays, essential oil perfumes, or essential oils bottles that you can add drop onto your pillow or eye mask before bed, or to the collar of your clothes. My personal favourite is adding them to cotton buds and placing them in the car, home, or the work place. An easy and practical new age tip to help you live well in 2017.”

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