Recipes: Decadent dishes inspired by the 80s

A little bit of old-fashioned indulgence makes for great entertaining. This week's recipes are inspired by what was hot on menus back in the 80s - definitely an era of decadence. At that time, I worked as a caterer in England. I would be busy in the kitchen as the butler was serving the food to guests on silver platters with starched linen. Fabulous.

More recently, I catered for a 60th birthday and served a medley of fabulous old favourites including devils on horseback. They certainly went down a treat, and made a refreshing change from today's lentils, couscous and no carbs hipsters.

Choux pastry is easy; you can make it ahead of time and even freeze half for the next occasion. These choux puffs make a pleasant change from blini or crostini. True beluga caviar is for the rich and famous. In Russia it's served on pearl spoons. Here, local supermarkets sell lumpfish roe, the cheap but effective alternative, and salmon roe is available at fishmongers.

It is traditionally served with chopped egg in a good quality mayonnaise - ideally one you've made yourself.

The colour of the roulade will keep your visitors guessing. I have used a bacon and spinach filling, which is always tasty. Try to eat the dish warm, but cool it's still delicious. The roulade can be made ahead of time and reheated, if necessary, covered with tinfoil to ensure it doesn't dry out. You can substitute your choice of fillings - mushrooms, salmon, vegetables - if you prefer.

Chocolate and raspberry has to be one of the most deliciously decadent sweet combinations. I always have raspberries in my freezer to add to muffins, sprinkle on a lemon tart or bake in a cheesecake. I always make this first thing in the morning to ensure it has all day to completely cool before eating.

Savoury puffs with egg and lumpfish roe

Pea roulade with bacon and spinach filling

Baked chocolate and raspberry cheesecake

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