NZ Designers Share Their Runway Inspiration

As winter 2017 ranges begin dropping into stores, we asked NZ designers to share their runway inspiration


INSPIRED BY: An obsession with midcentury furniture and interior design - the colours, lines and textures of the collection all hinting at this. The runway backdrop also mimicked a sunroom filled with tropical greenery, wire chairs and mid-century tea sets. Picture / Babiche Martens

WHO: Ovna Ovich winter 2017. Picture / Getty

INSPIRED BY: The notion of needing to slow down and have moments of stillness for contemplation. The Japanese Zen garden informed the palette, forms and accessories for this collection. Picture / Neeve Woodward

WHO: Eugenie winter 2017. Picture / Supplied

INSPIRED BY: The cover of British rock band New Order's Power, Corruption and Lies album, designed by Peter Saville, informed the print of this body-hugging velvet dress. Picture / Supplied

WHO: Penny Sage winter 2017. Picture / Getty

INSPIRED BY: David Hockney’s 1972 painting Chair and Shirt.This powder blue silk shirt and coloured denim combo — offset by a Perspex-handled metallic clutch and patent, multicolour slides — subtly echo the sense and colours of the painting. Picture / Supplied

WHO: Salasai winter 2017. Picture / Getty

INSPIRED BY: Photographer Billy Kid, who captures the immense beauty of decaying orchids, roses and leaves and the fragility of the circle of life. The fading perennials are always shot against a black background to add drama and showcase the intricate detail, mirroring the emotion of the collection and the idea that there is beauty in life and in death. Picture / Supplied

WHO: Lucilla Gray winter 2017. Picture / Getty

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