10 Favourite Things: Scents, Sinatra and sheepskin

Vintage vinyl, Comme des Garcons perfumes and a tactile rug are among costume designer Sarah Voon's treasures.

Costume designer for 'Go Girls', Sarah Voon shares her favourite things. Photo / Babiche Martens

Ruby dress, Salasai blouse, Karen Walker necklace, Sylvester "child bride" dress: it's a veritable New Zealand fashion fest on screen and on the set of Go Girls, with the distinctive style of the show shaped by costume designer Sarah Voon. The show, which follows a group of North Shore-based 20-something friends, recently returned for season five with a "new generation" of characters. Voon, who won best costume design for her work on the show at last year's NZ TV Awards, has also worked on commercials and film projects, including her latest project, the remake of 1981 cult horror film Evil Dead. Known for her own personal style as well as her on-screen work, Voon tells us about some of her favourite things.


1. Records

I have recently acquired a record player again, and nothing makes me happier than playing records.

I love the simple ritual of choosing a record and putting the needle to vinyl. My recent favourites are a second-hand record I got for $2, with a super cute cover, by Nancy Sinatra, How does that Grab You?, and two birthday presents: Serge Gainsbourg's Histoire de Melody Nelson and James Blake'sOvergrown.

2. Black Barn Vineyard

In Hawkes Bay just out of Havelock North, this is one of my favourite getaways. I love staying in any of their beautifully run properties – the delightful old Rush Cottage with its stone floors and log fire being particularly cosy in winter. They have an amazing restaurant and art gallery.

3. Chairs

At an recent art auction I bought three old school chairs which had been customised by various artists. Mike Weston's is quite simple but clever, and those by Stefan Sinclair and Ioane Ioane have some great organic carving work.

4. Comme des Garcons perfumes

In particular, Number3 and Wonderwood, I love to layer them, and have some Kiehl's Amber Essence Oil that I dab on to finish.

5. The Crystal Chain Gang glass birds

I am in love with their divine detailed handcrafted glass work, and in particular the birds. Their bespoke chandeliers are also out-of-this-world beautiful... one day I will commission one!

6. Books

I love to read, and one of my most adored authors is Kate Atkinson, whose most recent book, Life After Life, I am halfway through. She is a gifted writer with the ability to completely draw you in and transport you places.

7. Pottery

The last time I was in Hawkes Bay I discovered and bought some beautiful work by Kim Morgan, a respected New Zealand potter. I particularly love her white vases for their simple textured beauty.

8. Patti Smith poster

My vintage poster featuring Patti Smith, photographed by Robert Mapplethorpe. It was given to me by a good friend as a house-warming gift and it's just such a cool image. It takes pride of place in our dining room.

9. Sheepskin rug

Our new 10 sheepskin rug from Uno Design is one of the most deliciously tactile rugs I've ever seen. There is nothing better than snuggling up on it with my kids and watching a movie on a wintry evening.

10. Mexican Specialties' Magic Powder

I'm probably late to the phenomenon that is Mexican Specialties, in Ellerslie, and open only a few days a week serving incredible Mexican food, but I am a huge fan now! You can buy this "magic powder" from their little store, and it does indeed make my Mexican cooking attempts taste a little bit magic.

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