Baina Co-Founders Bailey Meredith & Anna Fahey's Big Days Ahead

The towel doyennes reflect on their new direction, launching into the US market and how to care for your cotton towelling

Bailey Meredith & Anna Fahey. Photo / Supplied

The new collection features the colour brown, which is a firm Viva favourite. What do you love about this colour and what was the thinking behind this as part of the new range?

Brown/tabac is not only our new colourway, but a new direction of colour palette. Our bath towels from both Collection 01 and 02 were all soft and quiet, intended to subtly disrupt the neutrality of a bathroom. For this new collection, we wanted to explore a richer colour in hopes to reflect the needs of a customer who likes to layer their space in warmth and depth.

When exploring the tabac concept, we had a design that felt very appropriately suited: the gate motif — inspired by the retro wrought iron gates found on a traditional Paddington terraced house. We also knew the checkerboard pieces would shift from playful to elegant.

The Abel organic cotton towel. Photo / Supplied

Baina has become synonymous with luxury. What does the idea of luxury mean to you when it comes to the simple pleasure of a beautifully made towel?

For us, the luxury of Baina is both its considered design and its high quality. But I guess, most importantly, Baina promotes time for oneself through the act of bathing. Indulging in the time we carve out to soak while disconnecting from the day-to-day grind.

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For people who might only have come across the brand recently, how would you explain to them what Baina stands for, taking into account where you started with the brand to where it is now?

We are a brand of thoughtfully made organic cotton towelling, designed and made with permanence in mind. Seeking to change the robotic action of the daily bathing routine, and make it mindful. Our towels are thoughtfully sourced, made from GOTS certified cotton and produced by a progressive mill in Portugal.

The Woodford organic cotton towl. Photo / Supplied

You're launching this month on Goop. Congratulations! How did that come about and what does this mean for a small business like yours?

Thank you. For us, it is an exciting move into the US market. America has just discovered Baina and thus far we have had a strong response both online and via our smaller boutiques. Goop, being the size it is, can only mean more exposure for the brand.

Talk us through some of the key design features of this range and why they are important to you.

Our new Greenwich Bath Towel and Woodford Pool towel have a jacquard gate motif, which, as mentioned, was influenced by a trip to Sydney in early 2020. The simplicity of the design allows a symmetry consistent with the current Baina designs. It also has a mid-century feeling. The collection also sees our popular checkerboard pieces in tabac and noir, which was brought on by the nostalgia of the classic mahogany checkerboard sets, again sparking a sense of heritage and tradition.

We are most excited about our foray into cut pile velour featured on Woodford Pool Towel. We feel this only intensifies the luxe tabac hue, sending us into a time warp, somewhere off the Italian coast circa 1972.

The Josephine organic cotton towel. Photo / Supplied

Could you share a few towel care tips with us?

Traditionally Western cultures have been taught to use unnecessarily long wash cycles (due to the “every day” cycle on modern machines being an hour or more). A 30-minute cycle is sufficient enough to clean your towels, resulting in less water and less power usage.

We promote line-drying. However, for a soft handle and to avoid the crunch, try a quick tumble dry to finish the drying process.

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