An Easy Guide to Flower Arrangements

Enjoy the pick of the bunch in floral arrangements at home this spring

Flower arrangement. Picture / Greta Kenyon.

If you’ve driven through Remuera, chances are you’ve spotted Carole Bowden. The former florist and wholesale buyer is a fixture on Shore Road, where she sells her fresh market flowers year-round, from the back of her van. Her new book Carole’s Flower Truck offers creative ideas for buying and arranging flowers to make the most of them at home. She shares her top tips.

1. Keep it seasonal
Flowers and foliage at its seasonal peak is plentiful, fresh and well priced.

2. Single blooms in multiple vases
A great way to make a bunch of flowers have greater impact.

3. Choose mixed varieties of flower with the same colour hues
Make sure you choose different shaped blooms for visual interest.

4. Texture is important
Add interest with berries, branches and foliage. Even fruit looks fab incorporated in an arrangement.

5. Keep it clean
Clean vases, clean water, clean flower stems.

6. Keep it simple
A large vase of twigs or big lush leaves adds drama.

7. Height matters
As a rule, one-and-a-half times taller or wider than the vase you are using — it’s about visual balance.

8. You can never have enough vases
Almost anything watertight can be used as a vase. Let your creativity fly.

9. Experiment with colour
Flowers work well by drawing your eye to similar coloured fabrics or art in the room.

10. Take time to smell the flowers
With so many perfumed flower varieties available, bring a fresh scent into your home or work place. Fresh herbs and some foliage also work wonderfully.

Carole’s Flower Truck, Flowers Every Day for New Zealand Homes, published by Bateman, $49.99, out now.

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