South African-born, previously New Zealand-based and now resident in Berlin, Camilla Andersen is a true global citizen, having turned her passion for travel into a TV career - with her latest series It's a Woman's Worldcelebrating female travel experiences and the various cultures of women around the world.

Having premiered on Saturday night on Sky TV's Travel channel, the series sees Andersen take a global tour through South Africa, the Philippines, Turkey and Jamaica, sharing screen time with such interesting females as Yvonne Chaka Chaka, the Princess of Africa, "dancehall diva" and actress Cherine Anderson and ex-Miss South Africa Jo-Ann Strauss.

Andersen's favourite things reflect her various world voyages, and include a mix of long term favourites and some "flavours of the moment" from the past year - and, of course, "being in the business of producing, directing and presenting travel shows, three of my favourite things are places: a city, a country and a beach".


1. The Presso and Zassenhaus grinder

For a coffee addict like myself the ritual of making my first coffee of the day brings much satisfaction and a delicious coffee reward. Its a very manual process: hand grinder and espresso shot made using pressure you create yourself; no electric parts. Rewards numerous pleasure centres in my brain.

2. Camilla Parker-Bowles party mask

Purchased during the fanfare of the royal nuptials this year, I finally found a way to make peace with the constant jokes about my namesake. She sits on my pinboard above my desk smiling at me while I work hard in my kingdom. I await the appropriate invitation to a masquerade party where I can wear it.

3. My Botero Cube

A purchase from the gift store at the Botero Museum in Bogota, every couple of days I change it around to another of his paintings depending on the mood I'm in. It's beautiful.

4. Medellin City

Since my first visit in 2003 I have been nurturing a love affair with Colombia and my favourite city there is Medellin. A far cry from what it was when Mr Escobar ruled the roost, these days the city of eternal spring offers a genuine hospitality and features more than 90 public sculptures by one of my favourite artists, Fernando Botero, who hails from this city.

5. Pen collection

Any pen except for the nameless standard Biro. I have been coming to terms with my pen kleptomania. Friends and family keep an eye on their pens around me and I'm normally a worthy suspect when their favourite pen goes missing. Eek. Needless to say there is almost not a hotel in the world that I've stayed in that I have not taken a pen from. I'm not that precious, I use them, give them away but I never stop collecting.

6. Berlin bicycle

Not since I was a child have I enjoyed riding a bicycle so much as I have since living in Berlin. This summer just finishing has been spent getting around on her and filling my basket with fruit and cheese before heading to the park for a picnic.

7. Matauri Bay, Northland

In New Zealand this is my favourite beach. A caravan cabin in the campground, a chilly bin full of cheese, fruit and a bottle of anything sparkling and my towel and togs. Nothing more needed.

8. South Africa

My country of birth and childhood which has been through so much tempestuous history. I visited again early this year to shoot an episode of my new series and found it to be the best I have ever known it; positive and beautiful. My heart will always be African.

9. Cheese

Anyone who knows me, knows that cheese is probably my most favourite thing to eat. Cheese of the moment changes every few months, but currently I'm going through a strong phase of wolfing down goat's cheese. Living in Europe with cheap(er) cheese is heaven.

10. Baby booties from Estonia

So with the impending life-change looming for me, I've been given all sorts of wonderful gifts. My favourite so far is a pair of beautiful orange booties bought in Estonia by my best friend. When I hold them I can just tell that whoever knitted them did it with so much love; it really makes the difference.

* It's a Woman's World, Saturdays at 8.30pm, Travel Channel (Sky channel 076)