Favourite Things: Design Duo Amy + Eliav

Design duo Amy Cosson and Eliav Meltzer share some of their most precious possessions

Design duo Amy Cosson and Eliav Meltzer. Picture / Babiche Martens

Amy Cosson and Eliav Meltzer are the duo behind Amy + Eliav, a local label dedicated to craftsmanship and the process of designing objects with passion. Their label encompasses an eclectic selection of objects, from bags to womenswear, menswear and dog accessories.

Individually, they have their own unique talents that combine to make the business what it is. Amy is a self-described creative, who initially aspired to be a photographer but followed the path of fashion.

After gaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, Amy eventually started designing clothing with Eliav, and the business took off from there.

Eliav’s interest in fashion design began when he decided to look into the functionality of outerwear for snowboarding — his other passion. Like Amy, Eliav had no experience with sewing, so studed Fashion Design at AUT and eventually moved into industrial textile and product design in Melbourne.

They’ve lived out of a suitcase for several years, calling France, Italy and Australia home at different times, but have now relocated to Auckland’s Hibiscus Coast.

After settling into their lives in New Zealand, they hope eventually to create their dream home and shared workspace, with comfort and light being the keywords.

“Our dream home would be cosy. With a really nice garden and a huge pond, which Eliav will have built. The house would most likely be in the middle of nowhere by the beach and fully self-sufficient,” says Amy. “There would definitely be an Eliav half and an Amy half of the studio where we can let our different creative practices unfold.”


Charm bracelet; tube radios; sword letter opener. Pictures / Babiche Martens

1. Charm bracelet
Amy: Since I set off on my overseas experience at 21, I have been collecting charms for every country I’ve been to. It’s starting to get a little full.

2. Tube radios
Eliav: I have an obsession with old-worldly things that are weathered and battered because you can tell they have a rich history and have stood the test of time. It’s interesting to compare these radios to current technology and see how far we have come. I did try to get the radios working at one point. Long story short — don’t play with car batteries.

3. Sword
Eliav: Rummaging through a box of stamps at a flea market in Florence, I came across this early 1900s letter opener. I thought it was quite fitting for a token of the Renaissance city but I purchased it mainly because it was a miniature sword.

Fabric stash. Picture / Babiche Martens

4. Fabric stash
Amy: Three years of working for The Fabric Store has given me a lifetime’s worth of sewing projects. I love every single piece. Finding the time to turn them into something wearable is hard, but bit by bit I’m getting there. These mostly consist of luxurious silks, laces and washed linens.

Vintage camera collection. Picture / Babiche Martens

5. Vintage camera collection
Eliav: Passed down from three generations, the collection has been very inspiring to my own practice. Most of the cameras have leather cases. The cases are unusual shapes, specific to each camera.

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