6 Electrifying Good E-Bikes To Get Around On

The drive to live more sustainably is gaining traction. Open the door to these dynamic options

Photo / Mara Sommer

There are more options than ever for those looking to minimise their carbon footprint. If you’re after two wheels, take an electric bike for a spin with these ingenious options.

Smartmotion Mid-City
With a snazzy cyan frame and a classic silhouette, this e-bike is a stylish ride for urbanites. Its 36v 15.6ah advanced lithium-ion battery has a range of up to 80km, and (best of all) it does the hills for you! $3748, from Electrify NZ.

Smartmotion Mid-City e-bike. Photo / Supplied

Angell Silver
Coming from French-based brand Angell, this perfect-for-all-occasions smart bike features a fall detector and alert, an anti-theft alarm, reflective tire strips, hyperbolic lights, a touchscreen, among many other nice-to-haves, and takes approximately two hours to charge. It also adapts to the type of terrain you’re about to peddle through thanks to its assistance sensors. From approx. $4595, from Angell.bike

Angell Silver. Photo / Supplied

Sinch Jaunt EZ 1 DT Matte Silver 2021
With a step-through frame, this sleek option from Since Jaunt has a 418Wh battery, and an "intuitive pedal-assist drive unit" that means you can easily whisk around at 32km/hr, and travel up to 150km on one full charge. Integrated mudguards and rack solutions are part of its package, too. $4000. Arriving at Propel Cycles this March.

Sinch Jaunt EZ 1 DT Matte Silver 2021. Photo / Supplied

Momentum 22 Vida E+
Pick up the momentum with this indigo number with a low, step-through design. Remove the battery and charge it inside, or charge directly through a waterproof port. Its SyncDrive Life motor offers assistance up to speeds of 32km/h. $4200 from Torpedo7.

Momentum 22 Vida E+. Photo / Supplied

Canyon Commuter:On
Canyon's lightweight Commuter:On city bike is easy to carry around, with an aluminum frame and a 250Wh battery, and mid-step and step-through options. You can also ride this nippy two-wheeler without its motor, just fit its Fazua downtube cover in its place. For those interested in beyond-city cycling, check out their e-gravel, e-mountain, e-touring and e-road designs. From approx. $5350, from Canyon.com

Canyon Commuter:On. Photo / Supplied

Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 EQ
The Como is a city and light trail step-through bike from maker Specialized, with a 320Wh battery. Combine that with its custom lightweight motor, and this e-bike is a quintessential smooth ride. $6800 from Mec Bikes, and other local retailers

Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 EQ. Photo / Supplied

*Please remember to wear a helmet when riding. For more information on how to ride an e-bike safely visit Nzta.govt.nz

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