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How To Arrange & Style A Vase Of Romantic Wildflowers

Take an informed approach to styling your next floral arrangement

Most of the blooms that I bring into our home have been gathered from our own garden or from neighbourhood walks or park rambles. In addition to roadside wildflowers, if you have bush nearby, our natural environment also offers an abundance of ferns and foliage that look lovely in arrangements.

That’s the beauty of foraging — it opens your eyes to all the wild and romantic things growing around you, and once you start looking, you’ll suddenly notice flora you wouldn’t have noticed before. The more I look, the more I become familiar with the abundance of seasonal beauty, right there, just begging to be welcomed into our home.

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When it comes to styling a dreamy vase of flowers, I like to bring it back to basics and keep them as simple as possible. One way to do this is to use a balance of three components. One or two blooms, one leafy green, and one textural or unexpected element.


1. Once you’ve chosen the stems you’d like to use, give each a fresh cut on an angle, but keep a good length — you can always trim them again later if you need to.

2. Next, place a few of the larger textural elements around the edge of the vase, allowing them to spill over the edges. Next distribute any leafy greens in and around the arrangement, followed by the floral stems, filling any gaps as you go.

3. Lastly, stand back a little and admire your arrangement from a few different angles; you can make small changes if you need to, or trim certain stems if necessary. Remember, it doesn’t need to be perfectly formed — a feeling of wildness and movement can add texture and interest.

Please note: If you are going to forage for flora and foliage, it’s important to be respectful of other people’s property and of Mother Nature. Only take what you need, leaving some for the next person to enjoy.

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