photographer Tom Ferguson, kitchen designed by Brad Swartz. Picture supplied

How to Create A Compact Kitchen With Style

Small and compact spaces don’t require any compromise on style and quality.

People have been “living small” for centuries in high-density cities such as Tokyo, New York and London where space is at a premium. As houses and land have become more expensive here in New Zealand, we too are realising that bigger is not necessarily better. Design-loving residents of apartments and terraced houses are still investing in premium fittings and fixtures, especially in their kitchens – but they want this space to work smarter and blend seamlessly into their condensed homes.

Embracing a less is more way of living requires a new way of thinking. To get the most out of a compact space it’s necessary to be innovative and resourceful. The key to creating a small kitchen that remains the most fully functioning space in your home is combining clever design with hidden surprises. The number one lesson is mastering the art of multi-functional appliances and furniture.

photographer Tom Ferguson, kitchen designed by Brad Swartz. Picture supplied

Every centimetre counts in the design of a streamlined kitchen, so space-efficient features need to be at the top of your list. Fisher &Paykel has met this challenge by designing a range of appliances suitable for compact spaces, including the Single DishDrawerTM  Dishwasher that can be placed under a compact 9 function oven and microwave, as well as the CoolDrawerTM Multitemperature drawer.

To create visual harmony in your compact kitchen restrict your colour palette and choice of materials. Handle-free cabinetry and integrated appliances are other great ways you can enhance the clutter-free look. Clever design solutions such as an oversized kitchen island that does double-duty as a workbench and dining table will help keep the décor simple.

photographer Katherine Lu, kitchen designed by Brad Swartz. Picture supplied

The final step is downsizing your kitchen paraphernalia. Coming to grips with reduced kitchen storage can be the ultimate lesson in decluttering. If you adhere to the French notion of mise enplace (everything in its place) you will have a small but perfectly formed kitchen that will bring you joy. To find out more head to fisherpaykel.com

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