Favourite Things: Jackie Ashley of Ashley & Co

Founder and owner of modern scent company Ashley & Co, Jackie Ashley, shares her favourite things

Jackie Ashley of Ashley & Co. Picture / Babiche Martens

Jackie Ashley knows a thing or two about the art of giving, having just hit the 10-year milestone with her home fragrance brand Ashley & Co. The business, born when she was introduced to a range of diffusers by her sister-in-law, is a natural extension of Jackie’s passion for creating a space to call home.

“I am also a self-confessed auction addict — my love of all things for the home was fuelled by this secret hobby. I love going, having a bid on items that are timeless and have history. Even if I walk away with nothing, to me it’s a night worthwhile,” she says.

The latest addition to her 1950s home in Birkenhead Point is a pair of Kai Kristiansen chairs, a perfect example of her penchant for mid-century furniture. Jackie has spent the past few years renovating her home to create a space filled with light, flow and laughter.


Mid century lamps; Navy cashmere coat; Kai Kristiansen chairs. Pictures / Babiche Martens

1. Mid century lamps
I bought these lamps from Mid Century Design after we purchased our first home. They have been an integral part of our homes since. They have an amazing glow when the base is turned on, and scream “I’m home” each time I see them when I walk in the door. I laugh with the kids that I’ll be leaving home if anything happens to them.

2. Navy cashmere coat
This is Mum’s coat that’s more than 30 years old. She parted with it a few of years ago. I had my eye on it for quite some time and now it’s certainly catching up on the lack of wear that it had just hanging in her cupboard.

3. Kai Kristiansen chairs
A recent guilty gift to myself. I have been repeatedly tempted by the same make of these chairs at auctions, online and in store and recently could not pass these ones up. You could sit in them for hours. I adore their shape, the life they lived before, and the stories they could tell.

My father’s doctor’s bag; Crackled tea cups by local potter Peter Shearer. Pictures / Babiche Martens

4. My father’s doctor’s bag
I grew up seeing Dad with this bag and have vivid memories of Dad carrying it with him when he practised as a doctor in Hong Kong.
Even when the bag retired, it still came out for the odd medical emergency. I fondly remember trawling through it, fascinated by its little drawers and vials — some still full.

5. Crackled tea cups by local potter Peter Shearer
I was given these by my children for my birthday. When I am at home I always have a cup of green tea on the go. These are my absolute favourite to drink from.

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