Looking ahead with artist Leanne Culy

Leanne Culy, artist and owner of Home Base Collections, shares her predictions and inspiration for the design trends for 2014.

Leanne Culy's designs are inspired by nature. Photo / Babiche Martens.

My philosophy this year is to simplify. Being a typical Gemini I seem to swing both ways. My creative space is cluttered with paraphernalia to inspire and create by. But my finished design philosophy is to keep things simple, clean and sustainable, I'm currently working on furniture designs that have an element of nostalgia, but giving them new contemporary life.

I predict the return of the plastered Spanish arch. When I was a child I remember my parents successfully attempting to plaster the walls of our rumpus room. I remember it vividly as Dad was up the ladder using a trowel in a fashionable arched motion and Mum was at the bottom of the ladder receiving large dollops of plaster on her head and back.

The effect was so exotic as a feature wall. The rest of the walls were covered with a hessian woven wallpaper, a great combo of textures. I remember thinking at the age of 9, how fab the white plastic K9 TV looked in that room. The Kiwi take on the Spanish arch might be remembered with horror by some but I think it's time for the Spanish arch to make a comeback.

The colours I love at the moment are turquoise, emerald green, light green and gold, light pine, fresh white and natural linen, the use of textures in natural tones and a little colour. I can just see these colours alongside the Spanish arch! I'm going to walk you through it.

As you look through the fresh white Spanish arch you see a room bathed in light, the walls are a turquoise colour, like the sea. A large photographic artwork hangs in a contemporary gold frame and comfortable white couches are arranged around a glass coffee table, the floor is decked out in chunky cream and gold woollen rugs. The room is fully laden with plant life, hanging and standard.

The lights have to be white paper as that takes me back to the rumpus room, the curtains are cream linen, and the curtain tracks are dark wood with finials. The room is not perfect, it's lived in and full of books and interesting pieces collected over the years.

I am inspired always by the environment, and respecting it. My instinct as an artist is, if I like something, I'll do it and don't need to be influenced by trends. I love comfort and relaxed environments. They can constantly change.

I'm excited about making and using things that are made from nature, but conscious of not plundering it. Bringing the outside in, as a way of feeling we can still breathe, even if in a modern environment like an apartment, a way of staying connected. A little recycling and a little locally sourced is my way of decorating with the environment in mind.

The perfect home should be lived in!

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