Moses Mackay and Mum Penina. Photo / Babiche Martens

This Award-Winning Local Wine Is Synonymous With Celebrating

On-hand for special occasions for over 40 years, Lindauer's Special Reserve range warrants celebration of its own

Lindauer's Special Reserve range warrants celebration of its own, drawing accolades and awards aplenty and recently expanding to include two Italian Proseccos. It’s also perfect for those keep-the-cork moments — like making a toast to the women in our lives, so we invited friends of Viva Moses Mackay and Kiekie Stanners to do just that.

Photo / Babiche Martens


Make space on your table for some of the award-winning range from beloved local brand Lindauer. A household name in Aotearoa and trusted purveyor of great wine, the Special Reserve range is aptly named, making it perfect for special occasions.

Lindauer Prosecco DOC NV
This charming and fragrant wine hails from the famous Prosecco region of Italy, where its heritage and quality saw it receiving 5 star reviews at launch in late 2021. It is fabulously fresh and vibrant, making for easy enjoyment this Mother’s Day - and any occasion beyond.

Lindauer Special Reserve Blanc de Blancs
Traditionally crafted using only chardonnay grapes, this is an elegant drop that appeals to anyone who loves a dry sparkling wine. A delicious choice (and great with seafood) it has achieved international acclaim, winning 2021 Wine of the Year in Finland in and, closer to home, Champion Sparkling Wine in the Sydney International Wine Show 2020.

Lindauer Special Reserve Brut
A classic wine, this bottle won the ‘Champion Sparkling’ and 98 Points in the New Zealand International Wine Show 2021. It also earned accolades across the ditch the year prior, with a Gold at the Sydney International Wine Show.

Lindauer Special Reserve Rosé
Pink wines are enduringly popular, and this release is not only a fan favourite, it’s also a winner  being named Champion Sparkling in the New World Wine Awards 2021 and earning Gold at Sydney International Wine Show 2020.
Perfect for celebrating, special events, or simply enjoying by the glass whenever the occasion calls, the award-winning Lindauer Special Reserve range is available from retailers nationwide. 


Moses Mackay and Mum Penina. Photo / Babiche Martens

Reflecting on Mother’s Day, soulful baritone Moses Mackay has deep appreciation and respect for his mother Penina. “We’re more friends than your typical mother-son dynamic.” Coming together for a shoot with Viva and a glass of Lindauer Special Reserve Brut was a timely moment for both of them, toasting their achievements and the drive it took to get there.

What are Penina’s strengths and accomplishments, and how has she influenced you during your life?

Mum has always been the strong-headed leader of our family. Very fierce and protective over her children, I admire that. Mum has always had a sense of, if she has to, she’ll do whatever it takes — even if that means juggling three jobs! This fearlessness guided by love has influenced me for sure.

What is it about Lindauer Special Reserve that makes it perfect for enjoying special moments?

Lindauer is a drink you have on special occasions, especially bubbles! There's something about the excitement of popping the cork. It's a statement of celebration.

If you were making a toast to Penina, what would you say?

Never dull your light because the brighter you shine, the more permission you give for those around you to shine.



Kiekie Stanners and sister Michelle. Photo / Babiche Martens

Someone who knows how to celebrate, industry leading makeup artist Kiekie Stanners values enduring relationships. “Michelle is my eldest sister, and as I’m the baby of the family, my sisters are second mums to me,” says Kiekie. She and Michelle caught up over a glass of Lindauer Prosecco DOC Rosé to toast the year.

Imagine you and Michelle are sitting down together with an icy cold bottle of Lindauer Special Reserve...

A typical scene would involve being together up north, being by the water at the beach town Ruak?k?, with lots of fresh seafood. We probably would have been trying to teach ourselves to surf, and toasting to a beautiful day in the sunshine together, watching her girls grow up at the same beach all those years ago.

If you were making a toast to Michelle, what would you say?

I would toast to how much of a boss she is — by holding down a huge job, being a wife, mother and still being a massive babe.

What moment in your life, experienced together, do you wish you had been able to “keep the cork” for, and why?

Probably when her girls were born as I was most excited to become an auntie!

Why is it important to take a moment to celebrate, now more than ever?

It feels extremely important to celebrate after two years of not being able to! Life’s too short to not celebrate most days, especially being able to safely spend time with loved ones in real life after so much time video calling!

Make some time to celebrate, and pick up a bottle of Lindauer Special Reserve from supermarkets and liquor outlets nationwide.

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