Sailors Peter Burling & Blair Tuke share their favourite things

Peter Burling and Blair Tuke. Picture / Babiche Martens.

When Peter Burling and Blair Tuke took home a silver medal at the 2012 Olympics they did us proud, winning our 100th medal to date. "Four years of hard work coming together was an epic feeling. The coolest part was bringing the medal back to New Zealand and seeing what it meant to everyone," says Burling.

The sailors will face their greatest challenge yet when they lead the Emirates Team New Zealand for the next America's Cup Challenge in 2017. "As a young sailor it's something you always dream of, so I'm stoked to be part of the team. It's a great group of people and I'm really looking forward to the challenge of bringing the cup home to New Zealand," says Tuke. No doubt the pressure's on. But one thing's for sure, New Zealand is 100 per cent behind you. 


What are you wearing today?
Shoes: Havaianas.
Shirt: Rodd & Gunn.
Shorts: Rodd & Gunn.

Underwear: boxers or briefs?Boxers.
Swim: Board shorts.

Favourite destination - city: I feel pretty lucky my job lets me explore new places, cultures and landscapes all the time.
Favourite destination - beach:Laguna.
Airline: Always feels like home getting on an Air New Zealand flight on the other side of the world.
Snow or beach holiday? Any holiday is a good holiday - we don't get many!
First, business, economy... private? Further up the front the better.
Luggage: A massive Dakine bag.

Dish: Can't go past a couple of packs of fresh sushi.
Drink: Cold Moa beer.

Where do you live? When I'm not chasing summer around the world I base myself in Tauranga.
Favourite thing: The more you travel, the more special home becomes.
Favourite place: One of the coolest things about New Zealand is the variety and accessibility. I love the fact that if I wanted to I could be snowboarding in the morning and surfing in the afternoon.

Best place to sail? Tauranga. It was where I learned to sail and found my passion for the sport.
How do you keep fit? Mountain biking, running and kite surfing.
Gym? Prefer to exercise in wide open spaces.
Snowboard or ski? Snowboard.
Surf or paddle board? Surf.

Product you can't live without? I have a simple regime of Triumph & Disaster No Dice sunscreen, Triumph & Disaster Shearer's soap, and water.


What are you wearing today?
Shoes: Barefoot.
Shirt: Rodd & Gunn.
Denim: Rodd & Gunn.
Underwear: Commando!

Underwear: boxers or briefs? Can't you have a combo of the two? Boxer briefs.
Swim: Board shorts for sure.

Favourite destination - city: I'm not much of a city boy but I love spending time in London. I discover more every time I visit.
Favourite destination - beach: Fiji - but not your typical Fiji holiday of going to a resort and sitting by the pool. I couldn't think of anything worse. I love getting out on a boat and exploring the outer, untouched islands. I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time up there on our family yacht when I was younger.
Airline: Air New Zealand is the best airline in the world.
Snow or beach holiday? Any free time I get these days is spent up north diving, fishing and surfing.

Restaurant: Burger Burger in Ponsonby.
Dish: Mexico's fried chicken.
Drink: Ice-cold bottle of Moa Original.
Wine: Central Otago pinot noir.
Cafe: Paper Moon in Mairangi Bay and Bambina in Ponsonby.
Death row meal: My mum's roast pork belly.

Where do you live? Sailing sees me out of the country five months of the year but Kerikeri is home.
Favourite thing? New Zealand's laid-back lifestyle.
Worst thing? As a country we don't celebrate success enough. 
Favourite place? I'm biased but it's hard to beat New Zealand's Far North.

Best place to sail? Riva del Garda in Northern Italy. Riva is a beautiful little town with heaps of culture and on the water, racing is awesome.
Any other sports than sailing? I spend most of my downtime spearfishing. 
How do you keep fit? Surfing, yoga, mountain biking, running and gym.
Snowboard or ski? Snowboard. I used to go lots when I was younger.
Surf or paddleboard? Definitely surf.

Moisturiser: Gameface by Triumph & Disaster.
Shampoo: I haven't used shampoo in 10 years! When you are in the water as much as I am your hair ends up washing itself.
Hair product: Salt. 

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