Simple Tips to Spring Clean Your Home

Dust off, wipe down and brighten up... it's the right time to give your abode a spruce up

Picture / Eleanor Ozich

It’s that time of year when I feel a sudden yearning to dust off, freshen up and spring clean our home.

To some, this might seem like a daunting, audacious task that turns up this time each year, but not to worry, as it's possible to tackle your cleaning without too much time or fuss, and actually enjoy the process, too.

Here are a few simple tips that will have your home clean and refreshed in no time.

1. Right Mindset
Spring cleaning isn’t merely a mundane activity – it can be inspired by beautiful mindset. Try to imagine the process as an expression of how much you appreciate your home, rather than it being a chore that you despise.

However, you decide to start, it’s important to take your first step with excitement behind it, and turn it into an enjoyable, fulfilling experience. Pop on some uplifting music in the background and take the first step.

2. Start Small
The idea of spring cleaning might seem time-consuming, and perhaps you’re asking yourself where to start? I find it helpful to choose one small area to clean per day, and more often than not, it doesn't take nearly as much time as you imagined it would.

If you try to do the whole house in one go, it will be far too overwhelming, and you might feel easily defeated or frustrated.

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3. Windows and Fixtures
Simply put, there’s no easier way to make your home feel bigger and sparklier than cleaning the windows, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by how much more light comes in once that layer of grime is wiped away.

If you’re making the effort, you might as well spend an extra ten minutes or so wiping down any light fixtures, lamps, and mirrors. These areas accumulate plenty of dust over the colder months, making a noticeable difference when cleaned.

4. Change Things Up
The simple act of re-arranging is a wonderful way to keep things feeling new and inspiring, as well as creating a new sense of space. The spaces within our home can easily start to feel dull or stagnant, and this remedy can easily change things up for the time being.

One quick idea is to beautify a shelf by placing on it a few things you’d like to admire each day. Or perhaps you feel inspired to clear some clutter, change your pillowcases, or switch around your artwork. You might even notice a new love and appreciation for the things you own, I know that I always do.

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5. Tackle The Surfaces
Wipe down all the surfaces in your home using your own homemade spray and wipe. I make up a bottle of this all-purpose spray every other week, and have become slightly obsessive with spraying it on everything because it smells so fantastic! it also makes me feel like a domestic goddess.

Combine warm water, 15-20 drops of citrus essential oil, 2 tsp baking soda and 2 tsp liquid castile soap in a glass spray bottle. Shake to combine before each use. Feel free to play around with your own blend of essential oils, creating fresh unique aromas.

6. Brighten Up With Flowers and Candles
And lastly, if all else fails, fill a big, oversized vase filled with blooms to brighten up your living space, or light some incense or a scented candle. Having a beautiful, smelling home is just as important as a clean one.

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