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The 2000s Called, Flip Phones Are Back

Good news for mini-bag fans — the new generation of flip phone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, is a gleaming homage to the 00s and a stylish accessory for now

With its luminous finish, cutting edge technology, and innovative (and satisfying) folding design, the sleek Galaxy Z Flip asserts itself as one of the most stylish smartphones on the market now, created with fashion-conscious users in mind.

Flip phones have always been a covetable status symbol. In the relatively brief history of mobile phones, the clamshell design was the ultimate fashion accessory when it first hit the market in the late 90s, and flip phones really came to the fore in the decade that followed.

Everyone remembers how iconic flip phones were in the 00s. Wielded by celebrities and snapped open (and closed) by magazine editors, there was something deeply satisfying about their hinged design — and hanging up on someone had never been more satisfying.

Indeed, the decade’s style has recently re-emerged to become one of the hottest trends in the fashion and beauty industries right now — with handkerchief tops, low-rise jeans, coloured sunglasses and the glitz of the era being embraced by those at the front line of fashion, so it's an apt time for flip phones to make a comeback.

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Ahead of the trend, Samsung has been leading the way with the flip phone rennaissance, launching its Galaxy Fold in 2019, and Galaxy Z Flip in 2020.

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The return of the flip phone is a natural evolution for the category. Smartphones have become an increasingly entrenched necessity of modern life, facilitating much of what now feels essential — whether it’s the ability to check emails on the go, the sense of community and self-expression provided by social media, or the ability to capture a high-quality photo wherever you are.

With each new wave of releases and the evolution of smartphone technology, screens have gotten larger and larger, enthralling us with their high-resolution displays, edge-to-edge glass, and speedy processing.

However, as devices have expanded in size, some users have encountered the challenges of scale: phones stick out of pockets, or dominate the interior of a trendy mini bag.

This is where the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip comes in, proving itself a solution as much as it is a stylish accessory.

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Aiming to address the size conundrum in an elegant, design-led way (without compromising screen size) the Galaxy Z Flip lives up to its name, folding in half thanks to the brand’s innovative flexible glass.

Its foldability is not just an homage to earlier generations of mobile phones, it serves a purpose too, allowing the Galaxy Z Flip to be used hands-free for selfies and video calls — which is a welcome innovation for anyone that has experienced arm fatigue from a long face time, or tried to haphazardly rest their phone on a stack of books for a chat, or struggled to get the right selfie angle while holding their device.

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The Galaxy Z Flip is a chic solution, and its innovation goes beyond functionality. The lush, shimmery Mirror Purple finish of the hero model is captivatingly gorgeous, and an aesthetic that calls to mind the hyper-luxe design of the 00s that fashion is currently obsessed with. For those who prefer a more minimalist approach to style, the gleaming Mirror Black colourway is a glossy, elegant option.

To facilitate the needs and wants of a stylish modern life, the Galaxy Z Flip is ultra-fast, with 5G, a lengthy battery life (designed to last all day).

The perfect modern accessory, discover more at Samsung.com 

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