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The Fun New Home Fragrance With A Fresh Attitude

Berry Pop is the vibrant, limited-edition range with a zest for life

Fragrance favourite Glade is shaking things up with its latest exciting limited-edition release, Berry Pop, which heralds a new category of scent for the trusted brand.

Equally confident and cute, it captures the essence of pop culture and good vibes, drawing from fashion and beauty trends, alongside the unique aesthetics fostered by social media.

It all combines to make the Berry Pop range an appealing new accessory for the home, complementing all the popular trappings of modern life.

The scent lives up to its name; infused with essential oils, it's bursting with sweet, fruity fragrance notes and an effervescent personality that are enticing, appealing and hard to resist. The result is a scent that is playful, vibrant and full of life — a veritable pop of joy.

Also poppy is its appearance, with a zingy hot-pink hue, the Berry Pop jar candle is a vivacious addition to any room.

Of course, everybody loves options, and Glade’s new fragrance also comes in the brand’s unique and intuitive Sense & Spray automatic air freshener. Consumers are offered two different formats that will appeal to the multitude of personal preferences found in millennial audiences.

Sense & Spray captures the desire for ease and innovation, and it emits a burst of fragrance intermittently, triggered by innovative motion-sensory technology.

Exclusivity is everything for the modern shopper, and Berry Pop is a limited-edition release from the Glade brand; sure to sell out like many of its other hit fragrances.

It also appeals to younger audiences looking to explore their personality through scent. Home fragrance is a popular way to communicate self-expression and curate an individualistic living space that feels truly yours.

Pair it with bright, bold décor and a playlist of vivacious music (both retro hits and the latest releases) and your abode will be popping in no time.

Try Glade’s new Berry Pop for yourself, available at all leading supermarkets. 

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