Lisburn Wool Carpet in Rinzu. Photo / Supplied.

The Wonders Of Wool & Why It Should Be In Your Home

When it comes to choosing a quality carpet or rug, wool is a winner, hands-down

It’s not always easy making environmentally mindful choices when furnishing your home, but choosing natural materials is one way to make a positive impact. For carpets and rugs, wool is a smart choice, as wool fibres are 100 per cent natural, biodegradable and renewable from local sources. It’s for this reason (and many more besides) that Bremworth is embracing the benefits of natural wool, and has shifted away from synthetic fibres — which are, essentially, plastic.

The iconic New Zealand company has been making quality carpets and rugs for more than 60 years, going back to its roots of 100 per cent New Zealand wool as the optimum fibre for flooring. For those seeking a hardy and luxurious material that meets a multitude of needs, the advantages of wool are hard to ignore. No wonder home interior trends are following suit by adopting a preference for Mother Nature’s materials.

Armure Wool Rug in Portico. Photo / Supplied.

Wool possesses many qualities that synthetic fibres don’t, including its impressive natural ability to absorb moisture, ensuring homes stay warm in winter yet cool in summer. This helps create a healthier, drier home with less reliance on heating — another win for the planet (and your pocket). Yet despite promoting dryness, wool also makes for a safer choice, as it’s naturally fire retardant, meaning it’s hard to ignite, slow to burn, and self-extinguishing.

Families with children and pets will also appreciate wool for its durability, easy-to-clean properties and natural stain resistance. This is due to wool having a thin, waxy, lipid coating that’s bonded to the surface — so if you deal to common stains such as food or wine quickly, they are easy to remove. This special coating also gives wool its odour-resisting advantage. And it’s the ideal choice for people with asthma, as it’s hypoallergenic.

The immediate and practical benefits of course are warmth and acoustics — a room instantly becomes snug and quiet with wool on the floor. A quality wool carpet acts as an excellent thermal insulator, and it can help to absorb any ambient noise, footsteps or scraping noises from furniture, ideal if the kids love to run around indoors. Carpets and rugs also make a significant impact on the look and feel of your interior, helping to delineate living spaces, with darker colours making rooms feel cosier, while lighter colours add to a sense of spaciousness.

Kennedy Point Wool Carpet in Oyster Inn. Photo / Supplied.

Even with your fibre of choice taken care of, there’s no need to be a, er, sheep and copy what your neighbours are doing. Bremworth offers a diverse range of wool floor-coverings, with something to suit every lifestyle. For the utmost in luxury and softness, cut pile carpets are hard to beat. These range from a resilient hard twist found in Bremworth’s Charmeuse range, to a velvety plush pile (where the fibres stand up straight) such as the Velluto range.
Then there are loop pile carpets for the style and design conscious, from a minimalist appearance through to bold, unique textures, such as the popular Samurai range with its crafted chunky loops. These can provide a classic or casual look, depending on the style you’re after, from sisal-like ribbed varieties through to textured, chunky or random loops. (Loop pile carpets are easy-care, don’t show footprints and are particularly suited to busy homes or those with young children.)

It’s worth noting that carpet can appear up to 20 per cent lighter when laid on the floor. For this reason, it’s recommended that samples are taken home, so you can see your potential carpet in daylight and artificial light and assess the colour against your key interior pieces, such as the wall, sofa or bed.

Additionally, Bremworth offers ready-made, hand-crafted and even fully customisable rugs if you wish to add your personal touch. The style, colour, size, shape and edging can all be personalised to best suit your interior. They also feel gloriously soft underfoot, making them the ideal companion for those lazy winter Sundays by the fire.

To order a Bremworth carpet or rug sample, visit Bremworth.co.nz

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