Fluffy clouds and fluffy kittens are getting us through. Photo via Instagram.com/c__l__o

Viva Team Picks: Our Favourite Escapist, Soothing & Uplifting Instagram Accounts

Sometimes you just need a bit of time out, and these accounts are guaranteed to take the stress out of your scroll

It's only natural that we should be heavily relying on our devices at this time — we're all trying to stay up to date with what's happening on the news and staying connected with our loved ones.

Sharing and scrolling on Instagram is a part of that, and as long as we're not losing ourselves to hours in a mindless scroll, we don't see anything wrong with some much-needed escapism.

From humorous takes on the current situation to downright adorable animals and beautiful art, here are some accounts that are bringing team Viva joy right now: 

It's Funny Because It's True

The New Yorker Cartoons are a clever, mainly satirical, look at everyday life that always make me laugh. They take those little things we do or think and illustrate them in a way that makes you go 'That's so true'! The cartoons tap into the zeitgest of what's happening socially, so right now there are lots popping up about working at home. It's good to be able to laugh at ourselves at times like this. — Amanda Linnell, editor.

Aesthetically Pleasing Imagery

Run by Lauren Faye, a London-based creative director, this instagram account collates beautiful art and soothing images of food, fashion and far-flung destinations. It’s the interiors shots I tend to like most, with dreamy bedrooms and snapshots of lovely apartments. And lots of fluffy clouds too. — Johanna Thornton, deputy editor.

Schadenfreude At Its Finest

From publicly working the self-timer to getting the beach peach gram to literally risking their lives to "get the shot", this Instagram account exposes the awkward behind-the-scenes moments of influencers (or "influencers") in their natural habitat and will have you in tears. — Lucy Casley, designer.

Memes Will Save Us

It's a sad truth but a good meme can sum up exactly how you're feeling these days. My friends and I have been firing daily musings from sarcastic accounts such as @mytherapistsays and @reductress over the last few weeks, for an instant laugh about ourselves in this crazy time in the world. The @newyorkermag always has clever cartoons illustrating the current climate too. — Sarah Downs, writer.

High/Low Mix

Depending on my mood, I can segue between the artful to down-right low brow with ease. I love being taken away on a nostalgia trip with @thefamilyacid, celebrating the work of reggae archivist and photographer Roger Steffens, curated by his daughter Kate; and the archival magazine spreads and covers shared by fellow magazine fanatic Penny Calder @pjcalder. I'm also not ashamed to admit my love of TikTok's inane yet entertaining videos and think the Rosa series created by @adamrayokay is a ray of light on a bleak day. — Dan Ahwa, creative director.

Fluffy Friends, Funny Friends

It's come to my attention that I definitely need a dog or a cat to get me through this time, and the next best thing is looking at accounts that revolve around cute and fluffy animals. @mignonettetakespictures is one of my favourites, also incorporating beautiful vistas, cute babies and peaceful interiors. I'm also turning to my favourite Instagram comedians at a time like this — Eva Victor captures what it's like to be an awkward, anxious human particularly well. This skit with Alyssa Limperis (another comedian and actress well worth a follow) on video calling is hilarious. — Rosie Herdman, assistant fashion editor.

Getting Arty

Bonnie always brings me joy with these talented and beautiful illustrations. Alongside these, she has also released original colouring pages to download, so you can get creative in isolation. — Annabel Dickson, fashion assistant.

Sweet Symmetry

When everything is feeling a bit upside down, the stylised symmetry of @accidentallywesanderson is guaranteed to soothe. An ode to filmmaker Wes Anderson's unmistakable aesthetic, this account shares beautifully bright instances of architecture and design from around the world. — Saru Krishnasamy, digital editor. 

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