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10 Easy Ways to Stay Stress Free

Sometimes you just need to chill out. Here are 10 simple ideas to help keep you stay relaxed and happy

1. Stop. Think. Be more mindful. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence in the UK backs this as a treatment for those with recurring depression; indeed, mindfulness has been shown to reduce the recurrence rate by 40-50 per cent over 12 months.

2. Breathe. Seriously, all too often when we are stressed we tend to hold our breath. Find a quiet corner and practice some long slow breathes that go deep into your belly, and then slowly release. This will help lower blood pressure and heart rate.

3. Put on your favourite music and dance like no one is watching! This works to get the blood pumping and loosen up the body.

4. Try Humanature’s new ‘I Need to Chill’ natural supplement. It contains pine bark extract which is reported to increase energy, and improve concentration and blood circulation. Plus, the producers say it will help you sleep well, have a clearer mind and generally create a happier feeling.

5. Make like a cat and stretch as many times as you can through the day. When you first get up in the morning, wake the body gently with a series of stretches head to toe. Throughout the day, especially if you are hunched over a computer, try a few shoulder rolls to ease muscle tension or stand up and stretch the arms out wide to open your chest.

6. Relax in a hot bath. Darken the room, light candles, play soothing music and fill the bath with bubbles. The warm water will work to ease all the stresses of the day away.

7. Cuddle a loved one or better still, have sex with your partner. Loving human touch improves the mood and sends anti-stress signals to the brain.

8. Meditate. Clearing your mind and inner-voice helps, according to neuroscientists, to rest part of the nervous system which looks after stress management. Find an online led meditation to help you get started.

9. Try positive visualisation. Close your eyes for a few minutes and imagine yourself somewhere relaxing. Maybe it’s floating on a lilo in a pool or lying in the shade of giant tree.

10. Make a cup of tea. Try soothing green tea during the day, camomille tea before bedtime, or just make a pot of good old gumboot tea and share it with a friend. There’s nothing better than chatting and sharing your feelings with a friend to make you feel better.

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