9 Beauty Gadgets To Suit Your Skin Type

Ashleigh Cometti uncovers the buzz about electronic beauty devices that do more than just lift, sculpt and brighten  

From tools that cool to LED masks that bring the heat, these beauty devices are sure to take your skincare regime to the next level. Photo / Aceology

Formerly reserved for the dermatologist’s office, high-tech beauty tools that once required an appointment are now available to use from the comfort of your own home, meaning you can zap acne and sculpt cheekbones in between episodes of your latest Netflix binge.  

The advent of smarter (and smaller) technology has ushered in a new wave of devices designed to address myriad skin concerns, leaving skin looking youthful and radiant.  

From microcurrent wands to contouring gadgets, the ever-improving field of skincare tools are transforming the way we care for our skin, and continue to shake up the beauty industry as we know it.  

Ready to power up your skincare routine? Discover our picks of space-age skin tech worth investing in. 

Best for Lifting: NuFace Trinity Device, $548 
It's the microcurrent facial toning tool that’s risen to popularity for its ability to define facial contours, combat wrinkles and tighten sagging skin using gentle microcurrents beneath the skin. The unique two-pronged design reaches even the smallest features, including labionasal folds and brow bones for improved definition. The brand also offers a variety of attachments, including one targeted to treating eyes and lips, along with an anti-ageing LED light therapy attachment.  
How to use it: Start by applying a layer of the NuFace Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer (to ensure the device glides not grabs), and use upward strokes to move the device along the contours of the face. For the first two months, use for five minutes daily, before changing to five-minute sessions two to three times per week.  

NuFace Trinity Device, $548. Photo / Supplied

Best for Anti-Ageing: Dr Dennis Gross Spectralite Faceware Pro, $767 
Now’s your chance to give your best Darth Vader impression, with Dr Dennis Gross’ futuristic-looking LED face mask. The contoured mask is fitted with 100 red and 62 blue LED lights for three treatment options: red light to stimulate collagen production, blue light to target acne-causing bacteria and visibly reduce fine lines, discoloration and inflammation, or a combination of red and blue light for all aforementioned benefits in one hit.  
How to use it: After cleansing and exfoliating, place the mask over your face and adjust the head strap to fit. Press and hold the on button until the mask switches on. Select your desired setting and leave on for three minutes before following with your chosen serum and moisturiser 

Dr Dennis Gross Spectralite Faceware Pro, $767. Photo / Supplied

Best for Sculpting: Vanessa Megan Beauty Vibe Micro Vibration Wand, $70 
Buzz your way to better skin with this T-shaped tool that uses micro-vibrations to contour cheekbones, lift the jawline and restore radiance with continued use. It works by stimulating the facial muscles, which in turn promotes blood flow, lymphatic drainage and collagen synthesis in the skin. These good vibrations can reduce dark circles, tighten the appearance of slackening skin, smooth puffy under-eyes, frown lines and crow's feet on all skin types.  
How to use it: Use this magic wand for five minutes daily, creating upward and outward strokes over the forehead, cheeks, jawline, neck and decolletage, and small, inward motions over crow’s feet and under eyes.  

Vanessa Megan Beauty Vibe Micro Vibration Wand, $70. Photo / Supplied

Best for Cleansing: PMD Beauty Clean Pro Gold, $439 
Take the simple act of washing your face to the next level with this 24K gold plated facial cleansing device, which helps to soothe skin while breaking down the dirt and debris trapped in pores. The circular head is dotted with odour-resistant, waterproof and antibacterial silicone bristles, and delivers more than 7,000 vibrations per minute deep within the skin using PMD’s SonicGlow technology, firming, toning and lifting skin as it cleanses.  
How to use it: Work in circular motions on wet skin after applying cleanser, spending a little more time on problem areas. Mode 1 and 2 offer optimum cleansing conditions, and help keep breakouts at bay  

PMD Beauty Clean Pro Gold, $439. Photo / Supplied

Best for Puffiness: Foreo Iris, $199 
At first glance, this hot pink device looks like something you’d likely find in the bedroom over the bathroom, but don’t be fooled – what it lacks in perceptibility it makes up for in efficacy. The Foreo Iris is an eye massaging tool which uses lymphatic drainage to address puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area. 
How to use it: The ophthalmologist-approved accessory uses Foreo’s patented T-Sonic pulsations to mimic manual tapping, which helps to spread and massage eye creams and serums into skin. 

Foreo Iris, $199. Photo / Supplied

Best for Detoxifying: Vanity Planet Aira Ionic Facial Steamer, $147  
Make your at-home facial dreams come true with this ionic facial steamer. Relax and unwind as you allow the nano-sized water molecules get to work hydrating and softening skin, detoxifying pores and eliminating dead skin cells. Up the ante on your steam by adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil for a truly therapeutic experience.  
How to use it: Steam skin once or twice per week for five to 10 minutes before applying your skincare.  

Vanity Planet Aira Ionic Facial Steamer, $147. Photo / Supplied

Best for Minimising Pores: Skin Gym Face + Lip + Body Micro-needling Kit, $111 
If your mission to minimise pores is ongoing, consider adding Skin Gym’s three-piece face and body roller kit to your skincare routine. Designed to recreate the retexturising and collagen-boosting effects of a professional micro-needling treatment, Skin Gym’s offering kit includes a roller head and three attachments to suit body, face, and delicate areas like the eyes and lips in varying needle lengths and densities.  
How to use it: Gently roll the micro-needling tool over skin in vertical, horizontal and diagonal directions, changing out the heads depending on the area being treated. For best results, use once or twice per week, and be sure to disinfect the roller and attachments after each use by submerging it in a cup of boiled water or 91 per cent alcohol for five minutes.  

Skin Gym Face + Lip + Body Micro-needling Kit, $111. Photo / Supplied

Best for Acne: Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment, $55  
Pesky spots are no match for Neutrogena’s futuristic tool, which harnesses the power of blue and red light to address breakouts. Blue light is known for its ability to kill off acne-causing bacteria in skin and fast-tracking the skin’s own healing process, while red light combats the inflammation linked to acne.  
How to use it: Apply the device directly to the skin so the light is fully surrounded the pimple in question. It will automatically power off after two minutes’ use.  

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment, $55. Photo / Supplied

Best for Inflammation: Aceology Ice Globe Facial Massager Set, $70  
It’s been said that Tracee Ellis Ross is a fan of these cult cooling tools, which help to combat redness, take down inflammation and reduce puffiness. If you’ve ever experienced the soothing magic of a facialist running these ice-cold globes over your skin during a treatment, you’ll understand the glow-giving, radiance-enhancing impact they offer.  
How to use it: Roll the globes upwards over dry skin or use in conjunction with your preferred serum or oil to help with their absorption into skin and boost their efficacy. For best results, store the set in the fridge, or dunk them in ice cold water for 10 minutes before use. 

Aceology Ice Globe Facial Massager Set, $70. Photo / Supplied

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