A Workout for Your Skin?

Apply lessons learned from sport to your approach to fortifying the appearance of your face and body

The beauty look at Herve Leger's New York Fashion Week. Picture / MAC.

In my household we spend a fair amount of time at sports grounds, which got me wondering if the R.I.C.E [rest, ice, compression, elevation] advice for injury might somehow translate to aiding damaged facial skin. Without getting too literal, a beauty regime that includes good amounts of repairing sleep, plus steps to moderate inflammation, encourage firmness and a “lifted” look makes sense. Ways to meet these targets include using night-specific products designed to work in conjunction with the body’s circadian rhythms, protecting skin from environmental aggressors and supplying it with antioxidants, plumping and tightening its texture, and learning a few cosmetic tricks to cheat a brighter, fresher appearance.

These steps, coupled with achieving the glow that comes from a healthy diet and exercise, make for a good start, but what more might we do to enhance skin fitness? Here are four ideas:

1. Set goals
Start by getting a skin assessment, then develop a treatment plan so you can monitor your own progress. Learn to judge products by performance not promise.

2. Stretch yourself
Prevention is better than a cure, so stay skin fit. Take the time to add a few French-style facial exercises and massage to your cleansing and moisturising routines.

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3. Watch your intake
Hydrate your skin from both inside and out. Up the water and cut the crap. Lessen your exposure to skin-ageing toxins, including sugar, smoke and pollutants, and screen UV rays.

4. Breathe deeply
Improve your mindfulness and posture by learning to inhale and exhale correctly. Micropauses to practice centred breathing can help cut stress levels and less stress means fewer furrows.

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