Artist Sandy Xu's Beauty Routine

This multi-talented creative is opening up her studio as part of Artweek Auckland and opening up to Viva on her attitude to appearance

Illustrator, visual artist, photographer and songwriter Sandy Xu. Photo / Supplied

Sandy Xu reckons she’s become a dab hand at applying her makeup because there’s not too much difference from applying paint to paper or to her face. This illustrator, visual artist, photographer and songwriter is naturally visually attuned and loves the impact of lipstick, but says skincare is more important to her than makeup.

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On Tuesday, October 15, she is opening up her colourful world with an evening at Girl Studio at 35 High St for Heart of the City’s Late Night Art programme from 5pm. Sandy will host a studio tour, badge-making workshop and movie night with market sales at Girl Studio. To find out about this and other events during Artweek which runs until October 20, see

Sandy is opening up her colourful world for Artweek. Photo / Supplied

Beauty ethos
Natural and pure, everyone should be in love with their uniquely primordial beauty, before you want anyone else to like it.

First memories of makeup
My first memory of makeup probably was about those makeup advertisements on TV when I was little. Looking at those beautiful faces made me think ‘Probably I can become prettier if I put some makeup on?’ I started my makeup learning quite late. After graduating from Uni, having to attend more professional places made makeup become really important. That was a struggle at the beginning, but luckily as an illustrator there is not much difference between painting on paper or paint than on your face!

Relationship with makeup now
I currently wear makeup every day, to me lip is the most important part. I can do nothing with my eyes but have to bring lipstick everywhere I go.

Style evolution
From quantity to quality. I used to have heaps of garments in my wardrobe, but I didn’'t even wear them. After reading Less is More I made the decision to change. So now, no matter style or beauty, quality is always my top reason before I go for it.

Sandy says living in New York city was inspiration. Photo / Supplied

Best look over the years
Travel always helps with discovering myself. I loved the time I spent living in New York City, everything there inspired me. Inspiration makes me feel younger and happier. Good memories.

Everyday routine
Suncream is my best friend, Glossier moisturiser cream and Labonics toner in the daytime, COSRX overnight mask for the night.

Sandy's favourite beauty products. Photo / Supplied

Five favourite products
1. CHANEL N°5: Perfume is the signature of a woman, classic is good

2. YSL Kiss & Blush: My beloved, cause I can use it both for lip and cheek

3. Aesop Anti-oxidant Serum: This is such a good product to enrich and freshen your skin, and is nice for sensitive skin.

4. Glossier moisturiser cream: Besides the product itself, I really like their branding (colours and font)

5. COSRX Overnight mask: Good product for lazy people : )

Transformation tip
Change your eye shadow and lip colour to darker.

Supermarket v going out
That really depends on which supermarket I go to! Normally you won't see any difference.

"...luckily as an illustrator there is not much difference between painting on paper or paint than on your face". Photo / Supplied

Hair care
I love to use some coconut oil once a week to protect the roots of my hair.

Treatment to try
I think drinking water and less sugar is really important for skincare, also yoga and meditation helped a lot too.

Beauty to you is…
Real emotions from your deep heart that come through your eyes.

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