Esther's break-neck pace is sure to continue in her new life in Melbourne. Photo / Supplied

Auckland Adidas Runners Coach Esther Keown's Beauty Routine

The athlete adopts a no-fuss approach to beauty, both on and off the running track

Esther Keown’s sense of humour is as quick as she is. She can power through a 20km run at 4 minutes 29 seconds per kilometre, and backs this up with a swig of her favourite “choccy milk”.

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The fun-loving 26-year-old, who has represented New Zealand in 800m and 1500m track events, balances training with a whip around Auckland on an electric scooter or a dip in her pool. But now she’s off to start a new life in Melbourne with adidas.

This is how Esther refuels her body post-run and what beauty products she can’t live without in her gym bag.

Beauty ethos
Less is more! I have oily skin and makeup just makes it look worse. My skin is naturally quite tanned which helps with not wearing makeup, but I find bronzer, mascara and a little concealer on the spots will do the trick for me.
Daily routine

I wash my face with warm water every morning. If I am not running, I moisturise with Clinique’s Dramatically Different Lotion and apply my makeup. But if I am running in the morning I use face sunblock (I highly recommend Nivea Face SPF50 as it’s not sticky or oily). At night, I use Clinique’s three-step system for oily skin. If you are an extra sweaty lady (like me) it’s really important after a run or workout to wash your face. If I don't wash my face I tend to get pimples around my chin, but if I am careful I can keep those little nasties away.

The athlete says she prefers to do her brows from home, rather than splash out her cash on in-salon treatments. Photo / Supplied.

Five beauty favourites
1. Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion is my #1 favourite. It leaves my skin feeling really hydrated and is a bit thicker which I like.
2. Dry shampoo. Because I am sweating a lot with running this is an essential for me. Sometimes I am short on time and that's the best alternative to washing my hair.
3. Depend Eyebrow Colour. I literally have the blondest brows you've ever seen (or not seen) so when my brows aren't done I look a little scary. For the past year done I have done my own eyebrows and love the result. It might seem scary but as long as you follow the instructions it actually works perfectly and saves a lot of money.
4. Natio Mineral Pressed Bronzer. I used to sneak into my mum’s room and use this when I was little and have ever since. It's really cheap and a nice dark bronze which suits my skin and makes my cheek bones look a little snazzier.
5. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. This is the best mascara I have ever used hands down. I don't wear it running because it can run but for any other situation this is a must-have.

Hair and its care
I am “blessed” with frizzy, curly hair so keeping this tame is a constant battle. Running means that my hair also gets quite sweaty a lot. I wash my hair two to three times a week and use dry shampoo for the other times I need to degrease my hair. I use Argan Oil on the ends, too, as I like to straighten my hair often and this helps keep it healthy.

What's your tip for ensuring your makeup lasts during a run or workout?
I don't wear any! Because I have sunblock on I don't bother, but I do wear waterproof mascara so I don't look like a panda by the end.

Are you into supplements? What do you currently take?
I take magnesium, fish oil, iron and a women’s multi-vitamin. Running is a demanding sport so I need a little extra to keep me feeling fresh.

In my gym bag lives…
Dry shampoo, Rexona clinical protection deodorant, earphones and a sweat towel.

Favourite post-workout meal?
Scrambled eggs on Vogel’s toast with avocado for a mix carbs, protein and good fats. I'm also partial to chocolate milk after my workout as I've been told this is the perfect mix of fat, sugar and protein when your muscles are depleted.

Last beauty buy?
Some more Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion obviously!

Beauty is...?
Confidence. Who cares what people think of you! Try your best to love the skin you are in, everyday your body does so much for you we should be thanking it not ripping it down with negative thoughts. Be unique and authentic to your true self.

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