Beauty News: Initiatives That Aim To Help People & The Planet

These initiatives are here to help make a difference, including for women battling breast cancer

Breast cancer survivor Grace Lombardo with a special edition pink GHD. Photo / Supplied

Pink Persuasion 
The latest limited edition ghd hair styler stands out for all the right reasons. The Ink on Pink styler was designed in collaboration with American tattoo artist David Allen as a fundraiser that also marks the brand’s 15 years of donating to breast cancer charities worldwide. The tattooist has worked with women who have had mastectomies for nearly a decade, applying elegant floral designs to their scars.

One of them is 38-year-old mother and breast cancer survivor Grace Lombardo (pictured above) who lost both breasts and had a reconstruction. “Cancer takes away more than your breasts,” she says. “It takes your hair, your confidence. But my tattoo is something I decided to have because I wanted to take back control.” Other women seek out tattoo artists to recreate nipples when these have been lost to surgery.

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David says working to help women like Grace reclaim their femininity is a validation of his craft. Hearing their stories is also part of the healing process. His designs feature on two special pale pink ghd models, the Gold and Platinum+ stylers. From each sale of these in New Zealand, $20 is donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation. It invests in research, early detection and patient support. For information see

• Ink on Pink stylers are available from July 1 for a limited time at salon stockists and at

Irish organic skincare brand Voya. Photo / Supplied

Helping Hands 
A massage and wellness therapist who specialises in working with cancer patients will visit New Zealand to provide training in health appropriate spa and massage treatments. Christine Clinton will hold a three-day workshop in Tauranga in September, which is open to beauty therapists, nurses and other health professionals. Irish organic skincare brand Voya is behind the invitation to Christine, who trained in Dublin before moving to the United States. There, she gained certification in medical massage for cancer patients from New York’s world leading Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre.

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Voya’s Australasian business development manager, Karen Hind, says it hopes therapists will take the opportunity to learn from an expert. Cancer patients are sometimes turned away from spas and clinics because staff are uncertain how to deal with them, she says. Patients, in turn, are often worried about what products are safe to use on their skin, which can be compromised by medical treatments. These factors mean patients can miss out on the potential benefits of access to massage and relaxation therapies.

The company’s connection with Christine came about because she had deemed its seaweed-based products as safe and natural to use on people undergoing cancer treatment. But the workshop with her (for which attendees will be charged), is open to therapists beyond those who use Voya products. This was because the company saw a wider need for training. It hoped participants would offer some free treatments to cancer patients when they returned to their home areas.

• Course bookings close July 31, to find out more, contact Karen at or on 0220 282529

Lush's Charity Pot. Photo / Supplied

Pot of Gold 
Dipping into Lush’s Charity Pot — a skin soothing hand and body lotion — is a guarantee of giving. All proceeds from sales (minus tax) go to a good cause year round. This month Lush is talking about teaming up with Forest & Bird in New Zealand. It has donated $6246 to their seabed mining campaign

The ongoing Lush initiative began in Australasia in 2008. Since then it has raised over $3.5 million for 91 charities and groups working in the areas of animal welfare, environmental justice and human rights across both countries. Charity Pots come in recycled and recyclable pots and customers who return five empty containers of the shea-butter infused moisturiser will get a free mask. The pots come in three sizes and cost from $11.90 to $39.90. For store locations, see

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