Melted lippy and patchy foundation are just some of summer's hurdles. Photo / Getty Images

Beauty Tip Of The Day: How To Avoid A Makeup Meltdown

These tried-and-true beauty tips will ensure your makeup stays right where you put it — even as temperatures soar

“To ensure your makeup stays put and doesn’t go patchy, try patting your powder on top of your foundation rather than swirling. Sometimes you apply more pressure in some areas and less in others when swirling which makes for a patchy face at the end of the day! So make sure you set your makeup without moving all your hard work underneath!” — Sam Hart, Professional Makeup Artist

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“Pat on loose powder 1cm all along the under eye or lash line area before or after your eye makeup application. I am quite generous in the amount I apply. Leave it on there for at least a couple of minutes before brushing it off with a soft brush. This quick step will save you having those black panda eyes, it will prevent eyeliner and mascara from bleeding onto the under eye area.” — Lidean Erasmus, Elizabeth Arden Boutique Manager

Sam Hart launched her own series of beauty workshops early in 2018, and continues to do freelance work for some of Auckland's biggest names in entertainment. Photo / Supplied

“In summer, opt for a sweat and smudge-proof mascara! No matter if you’re swimming or just enjoying the heat out of town, try mascara that won’t budge but doesn’t need a strong waterproof remover to get it off. Choose mascara that tubes over your lashes that you can remove with warm water — perfect for camping or beach house days. I swear by M.A.C Extended Play Lash Mascara — 16 hours of budge-proof wear but quickly taken off in the evenings with warm water.”— Kiekie Stanners, M.A.C Senior Artist

 “Makeup likes to move around when it's hot, so the best way to avoid that is to wear less of it! Start with a sheer foundation that provides a smooth veil of coverage that eliminates any redness or unevenness. Afterwards if your skin needs more attention just spot treat imperfections with a full coverage concealer and small concealer brush.” — Blair Gamblin, National Education Manager, Bobbi Brown and Jo Malone London

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“If you’re tired of lipsticks melting in your car each summer, keep a resident liquid-lipstick in your glovebox this year! YSL Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stains are opaque in colour, long-wearing and won’t dry-up or melt if left on the dash. Keep a bright summer colour as an in-car back-up for that mad dash from the beach to that garden barbecue that you may have forgotten about! Fun, chic and effortless.” — Lochie Stonehouse, YSL and Giorgio Armani National Makeup Artist


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