Staying sun safe is the key to combating pigmentation. Photo / Getty Images

Beauty Tip Of The Day: How To Combat Pigmentation

Slip, slop, slap and wrap is the anthem to sing all summer long

“Wear sunscreen and a hat; go out in the sun in the early hours of the morning, or in the evening.  Cover your skin with loose cotton clothing whenever possible — it’s the best way to keep the sun off your skin. Carry a large cotton scarf in your handbag and wrap around your neck and shoulder area.  It looks and feels gorgeous — you can protect your décolletage that way, as this area of the skin is very fine and prone to sun burn, and later, pigmentation.” — Kati Kasza, Evolu founder

“Pigmentation and uneven skin tone are one of the biggest skin concerns within New Zealand. As up to 80 per cent of the extrinsic ageing we see on the skin as we age is from the sun, a minimum of SPF 30 daily is essential. In addition to wearing sun protection, use a serum daily that contains powerful peptides to combat hyper-pigmentation and brighten uneven skin tone.” — Abby Hetherington, Dermalogica Brand Coach


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