These helpful tips will keep the dreaded sweat mo at bay. Photo / Getty Images

Beauty Tip Of The Day: How To Combat Shine

Avoid a sweaty, shiny finish during summer with these expert tips

“If you feel droplets of sweat forming on your makeup. Don’t panic, don’t wipe away or sweep across the face. This will cause the foundation and everything else to smudge and lift off. Instead keep calm and pat gently, but quickly with your ring or middle finger on and around the sweaty area.

If you are experiencing a moderate to severe sweaty situation, take a facial tissue and open it fully holding the sides and corners. Approach the sweaty area with the openly stretched tissue and gently absorb the droplets without moving the tissue. Just a gentle press is enough to absorb any excess moisture. — Lidean Erasmus, Elizabeth Arden Boutique Manager.

“You wouldn't leave an iced cake out in the sun now would you? Avoid this by using a concealer only where it’s needed. Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind concealer is creamy, super lightweight and not chalky, perfect for blurring imperfections without the help of a foundation.” — Gee Pikinga, Maybelline New York New Zealand Makeup Director

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