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Beauty Tip Of The Day: How To Keep Your Hair Colour Looking Fresh

Chlorine is colour-treated hair's biggest nemesis, our hair experts claim

“Keep sunblock away from your hair (especially your extensions). You’d be amazed at how much it can affect your colour!” — Kate Jarrett, founder Loxy’s

“Chlorinated pools damage and dry your hair. Try rinsing your hair with cool fresh water to let your hair absorb the water before you jump in the pool or smooth a masque into your hair before braiding to act as an extra barrier layer. The less room your hair has to absorb the chlorinated water the better.   Rinse with cool fresh water swimming in pools or in the surf.  A detoxifying masque such as the Davines Circle Chronicles detox masque is great to help remove heavy chemicals out of your hair and only takes 3 minutes to be effective.” — Cat Frost, founder Kindred Human & Earth

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“For people that are swimming a lot in chlorine, wetting your hair with fresh water before jumping in the pool will keep the majority of the chlorine out of your hair.  Chlorine can sometimes make your hair green, dry and matted.” — Brad Lepper, founder French Revolver

French Revolver's Brad Lepper says wetting hair before a dip in the pool makes all the difference. Photo / Supplied.

“Chlorine strips your hair of its natural protective oils, if you're a blonde, you may end up with a green tone. This is caused by the copper molecules and other pool chemicals sticking to the protein in your hair shaft. Drenching your hair with clean water or leave-in conditioner before you swim will protect it from absorbing saltwater or chlorine. It also helps when rinsing your hair after a swim.” — Trish Mathews, Director M11 Studio

“If you want to keep a vibrant colour over summer you are going to need to think about protecting from UV basically by wearing a hat or scarf. Choose a colour protective range of shampoo and conditioner which contain products to prevent sun damage and fade.  Always rinse with cool water to keep the cuticle closed and maximise shine. You can boost your shades in between salon visits by using a pure pigment enhancing shampoo or conditioner such as the Davines Alchemic Range. These can freshen up your colour tones while you are on holiday.” — Cat Frost, founder Kindred Human and Earth

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