Keeping your skin protected from pool to party is important. Photo / Getty Images

Beauty Tip Of The Day: How To Layer Sunscreen Under Makeup Properly

This is one step in your beauty regime you can't afford to miss, warn our beauty experts

“Don’t forget your SPF in your products! Instead of wearing multiple layers of sunscreen and heavy foundation combine the two for lightweight protection for beach days. I swear by BB Beauty Balms — easy to apply and give the illusion of fresh real skin with high SPF protection. Try M.A.C Prep & Prime BB Beauty Balm SPF35.” — Kiekie Stanners, M.A.C Senior Artist

“We all get the importance of using a high SPF on the face, but if you’re anything like me, you may struggle to embrace the oily, silver titanium/zinc glow that they give. Use a mattifying mist over the top to knock down the glow! The Top Secrets Glow Perfecting Makeup Setting Spray by YSL does just that. It’ll flatten your skin and knock back that silver SPF glow, setting both your makeup and SPF in place.” — Lochie Stonehouse, YSL and Giorgio Armani Beauty National Makeup Artist

Lochie Stonehouse understands the struggle that comes within finding a sunscreen that doesn't offer up a titanium glow. Photo / Supplied

“Although sunscreen is your best friend in summer, it’s your worst enemy for photos. Sunscreen is design to reflect light, so when there is flash photography it reflects back and gives you “flashback”. It makes you look like your foundation is super ghostly. If you have a big event I’d say avoid sunscreen in your complexion products just to be safe!” — Sam Hart, Professional Makeup Artist

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