Follow Serenity's top tips to make your mani last the distance. Photo / Getty Images.

Beauty Tip Of The Day: How To Maintain Your Manicure

Pop Nails technician Serenity shares her top tips to make your mani last the distance

“Being such a celebratory time of year, this is your opportunity to go wild and experimental.

Glitter, Chrome, Neons… Now is the time to, quite literally, shine. Try a shape, a colour, a length or even some nail art that you’ve always wanted to try but have been wary of.

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In order to make the most of your manicures, make sure you are using high-quality cuticle oil, such as the POP X Mark Antonia Cuticle Oil, $29. This will ensure your cuticles not only stay hydrated after a day in the sand and sun, but that your polish remains looking fresh and reduces the likelihood of polish or nail extensions lifting since we tend to spend more time in the water, which means our nails absorb the moisture and swell, which can ultimately result in polish peeling.

By regularly oiling your cuticles, you reduce this risk because your nails will have a natural barrier to the water.

Sunscreen is vital in making sure our hands stay looking lovely. Everyone loves a classic Kiwi road trip, but with our hands on the steering wheel, we wind up exposing them to huge amounts of harmful UV rays. Once you’ve finished slathering yourself with a minimum of SPF30, make sure you add a little extra to your hands. These are the first things to start aging — so we want to preserve them wherever possible.

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When packing for your holiday, throw in a nail file and a clear polish (I personally love Essie’s ‘No Chips Ahead’ Top Coat, $24.99 from Farmers).

If you suffer the misfortune of a chipped nail whilst you’re away, lightly file down any rough surface area until smooth — which may mean sacrificing a bit of length — and add a coat of polish to the nail, ensuring you cap the tip (or the ‘free edge’ as we in the biz like to call it).” — Serenity, Pop Nails Technician


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