Jo Malone has released a new Lavender Land collection. Photo / Supplied

Best In Beauty: The Loveliest Lavender Products To Buy Now

Treat yourself or someone special to these dreamy new takes on tried-and-true lavender

We’re loving the revitalisation of lavender, showing this old favourite fragrance in a dreamy new light. Perfect for our half lives in these tricky times, the calming aroma is particularly worth seeking out as a sleep aid. Across the generations, the appeal is universal, making lavender a thoughtful jumping off point for gift giving.

Elevating this experience is Jo Malone London’s new limited edition Lavender Land collection which includes the brand’s first pillow mist, a room diffuser and three innovative colognes. Naturally, it features English lavender and the evocative imagery for its launch was shot in earlier days in a country garden.

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There’s some great gifts featuring New Zealand grown lavender as well, so check out our selection of items below for something that is sure to be appreciated.

If you fancy making like nana you can create your own lavender scented wardrobe hanger or drawer stuffer, by drying a few sprigs of a flowering bush and tying it in a fabric square secured with a ribbon.

(From left) Jo Malone London Lavender & Musk Room diffuser; Linden Leaves Aromatherapy Synergy Absolute Dreams Body Oil; L’Occitane 300ml Lavender eau de cologne. Photos / Supplied

Jo Malone London Lavender & Musk Room diffuser $160 disperses a soft scent for sweet dreams. There’s a matching pillow mist, $65. From the new Lavender Land collection, there’s also three distinctive cologne blends – with lavender made aromatic with coriander, woody with silver birch and floral with wisteria – in 30ml decorative bottles for $120 each. From and

Linden Leaves Aromatherapy Synergy Absolute Dreams Body Oil $64, takes the inclusion of lavender to a decorative new level, inserting the actual flower into a skin hydrator of organic rosehip, avocado, almond and apricot kernel oils. South Island grown lavender oil is also used in hand creams.

L’Occitane 300ml Lavender eau de cologne $78, fragranced from Provence, France and including summery citrus and woody notes. Layer with matching bath and body products.

Scully’s Lavender Home Gift Bag. Photo / Supplied

Scully’s Lavender Home Gift Bag $40, is a New Zealand-made selection of hand wash, room spray and fragrance sachets. The Bulls-based company grows its own lavender and uses it also in tubs of hand scrub and creams and in bath salts and soaps.

Dr Bronners Lavender Soap $14 contains hemp oil to add to the soothing lavender lather. The US company also makes a lavender hand sanitiser spray and a shaving gel. From selected health and organic stores and pharmacies, for details ph 0800 118311

Lush Twilight Body Spray $45, is a lavender fragrance modernised with tonka bean. The Twilight range includes body cream as well. Being Lush, there’s a bath bomb to be had in lavender as well.

(From left) Dr Bronners Lavender Soap; Lush Twilight Body Spray; Yardley English Lavender Perfumed Talc. Photos / Supplied

Yardley English Lavender Perfumed Talc $25, is nostalgia in a bottle and such a pretty one. As well as lavender, this delicately scented English talc includes notes of rose. From selected pharmacies, for details ph 0800 118311

The Body Shop Spa of the World French Lavender Massage Oil $44, will help engender a sense of well-being with its relaxing aroma. King Charles VI of France was an early adopter, sleeping on lavender filled pillows in the 14th century.

This Works Deep Sleep Shower Gel $49, adds to the UK skincare and wellness range with lavender underpinning its relaxing approach. The pillow spray is another favourite.

(From left) This Works Deep Sleep Shower Gel; Absolute Essentials Lavender True Organic Oil; Absolute Essentials Ceramic Aroma Diffuser. Photos / Supplied

Absolute Essentials Ceramic Aroma Diffuser $150 and Absolute Essentials Lavender True Organic Oil $30, allows you to create a dreamy spa-like retreat at home. The quiet ultrasonic diffuser boasts a number of modes to safely disperse the aromas of a quality oil chosen by a NZ-based expert in aromatherapy. From selected health and pharmacy stores, see

The Aromatherapy Company Therapy Range Sleep Pulse Point $16, is a soothing rollerball with Lavender & Chamomile. A Stress relieving version features calming lavender with uplifting peppermint.

(From left) The Aromatherapy Company Therapy Range Sleep Pulse Point; Nellie Tier Shampoo and Conditioner; The Herb Farm Sleepwell Cream. Photos / Supplied

Nellie Tier Shampoo $29 and Conditioner, $33, pair up as a natural alternative for hair washing, with nourishing hero ingredients of manuka honey and aloe vera gel. The clean ylang ylang and lavender fragrance is another point of difference. Lavender features in bath salts as well.

The Herb Farm Sleepwell Cream $13.90, uses lavender and marjoram essential oils to calm the mind and support sleep. Lovers of herbal remedies should check out the cute Nurse Lavender to the Rescue comic-style book, $17, for ideas to help children use lavender to soothe and heal. It was written by the Manawatu-based Herb Farm’s founder and herbalist Lynn Kirkland.

Frank Body In Your Dreams Scrub & Soak. Photo / Supplied

Frank Body In Your Dreams Scrub & Soak $19, is a dive into Epsom salts, magnesium, lavender oil and chamomile that will soft soak you ready for a long relaxing night. It’s a first bath product from the company known for its coffee scrubs, but you can rub it on first if you want to give your skin an exfoliating workout.

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