7 Fragrances to Try this Party Season

Leave a killer trail this party season by scoping out a fresh fragrant find

Jo Malone Orange Bitters Cologne; Coach eau de parfum; Marc Jacobs Splash Cotton eau de toilette. Pictures / Supplied

1. BRUNCH PARTY: Jo Malone Orange Bitters 100ml Cologne $228
First thing in the morning fragrances need a certain bracing charm, rather than coming on all heavy handed. Start with a fresh citrus spritz. This one is like a wake-up cocktail made from bitter orange and a sweet hint of prune. The mix softens beautifully into a subtle sandalwood and amber base, served up in a striking diamond pattern design used across the Jo Malone London Christmas range. From Jo Malone, Britomart and at Smith & Caughey’s, Queen St; David Jones, Wellington; and Ballantynes, Christchurch.

2. LUNCH PARTY: Coach 50ml eau de parfum $125
Ladies who lunch know the style status of toting a good bag and will appreciate that leather goods maker Coach has extended its crafted approach to its first perfume. Made to celebrate the American brand’s 75th anniversary, this is a modern update on the enduring appeal of the floriental style. A raspberry sparkle is overlaid by roses atop a musky base, bottled in a heavy glass oval. From department stores and selected pharmacies.

3. GARDEN PARTY: Marc Jacobs Splash Cotton 100ml eau de toilette $79
Why compete with all the real flowers by dousing yourself in an obvious floral scent. The clean softness of this alternative is perfect for a day outdoors. While it is indeed a powdery woody floral at heart, the overall impression is delicate and breezy. It starts a little citrus crisp and ends with gentle white woods, wrapped around a difficult to delineate central bouquet of lavender, lily-of-the valley and the cotton flower from which it takes its name. From Farmers and leading pharmacies.

Boss The Scent For Her eau de parfum; Tom Ford eau de parfum; Chanel L’Eau eau de toilette; Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria eau de parfum. Pictures / Supplied

4. WORK PARTY: Boss The Scent For Her by Hugo Boss 50ml eau de parfum $125
If any work colleague gets close enough to ask about your perfume — or ambition — put them in their place with one word. Saying “Boss” won’t seem scary at all because you will have already charmed them into submission with this seductive scent. Gain confidence from wearing this warm combination of honeyed peach and apricot, freesia and roasted cocoa notes. From leading pharmacies and department stores.

5. TWILIGHT PARTY: Tom Ford Orchid Soleil 50ml eau de parfum $196
Toast the setting of the sun with this sensual scent. It speaks of a golden day giving way to the enticing embrace of a warm evening. Designed as a summer interpretation of Tom Ford’s first fragrance, Black Orchid, this is initially more sparkling than sultry, but has similar staying power. It starts off strong with pink pepper, bitter orange and cypress, before engulfing the wearer in a heavenly haze of creamy tuberose, vanilla, patchouli and orchid. From Smith & Caughey’s Queen St.

6. COCKTAIL PARTY: Chanel L’Eau eau de toilette 50ml $197
Come across classic, contemporary and classy all in one waft. By wearing this new take on the world’s most famous fragrance, you will achieve the equivalent of adding a fresh edge to your most elegant attire. The luminous L’Eau still has No. 5’s prized heart of May rose and jasmine but is altogether lighter and brighter. From the Chanel boutique, Britomart, and selected department stores and pharmacies.

7. DANCE PARTY: Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria 50ml eau de parfum $99
An addictive offering that, despite its name, isn’t overly intense. Avoids the common fragrance come-on of excessive initial sweetness or eventual turn off of being overwhelming cloying. Instead it is strong on patchouli and dark rose, with a peppery woodiness and musky underpinning. . From selected department stores and pharmacies.

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