Body + Balance: Kerri-Anne Kennerley essentials for living life well

Kerri-Anne Kennerley, at the David Jones A/W 2014 Collection Launch in Sydney. Picture / WireImage

She is a mainstay of Australian media. Kerri-Anne Kennerley first appeared on television at the age of 13 as the host of a children's show and ever since, the now 60-year-old has been in the limelight.

At 19, she moved to the US and spent five years working in the entertainment industry as a cabaret singer. Back in Australia she landed the job as co-host onGood Morning Australia, which led on to hosting shows such as Monday to Friday with Kerri-Anne and Midday with Kerri-Anne.

After 30 years of working five days a week on live television and daily radio, she now has a variety of projects on the go including shows such as Behind Mansion Walls on Foxtel, Sunday Night on 7, and appearing on Sunrise and The Project. She also works with Trafalgar Tours and will be in New York in June, plus she is on the Board of Golf Australia. Kerri-Anne will visit New Zealand next month to host the sixth annual Kauri Cliffs Ladies Golf Classic Weekend on May 9-11.

What is your secret to maintaining such a long and successful career? Showing up, preparation and having fun.

What keeps you inspired? Life is precious and there is so much to do that I could never be bored.

How do you de-stress? I like to walk the golf course by myself sometimes and just have a quiet practice.

How do you keep fit? I do weights at the gym. I also have a bike and weights at home and a yoga DVD. I try to do this at least three times a week.

Your passion is golf. How did you get started and where do you play? My sister started to play with her husband and I got tired of listening to them talk about it, so I started. I'm a member of The Australian Golf Club and Macquarie Links in Sydney. I'll play two to three times a week if I can. Handicap 15.

What do you play with? I have always been a Callaway user as I know their research and development for equipment runs in the millions of dollars every year. They suit me and I love their hybrids. I use woods, even and 11 wood and 9 wood. Very forgiving clubs for the amateur. I hate playing without my Golf Buddy distance marker. So easy, especially on unfamiliar courses, to know how far it is to trouble or the front/back of the green distances.

Do you travel to play golf? I've played in Maui and the Plantation is my favourite there. Cape Kidnappers is superb, but pray for good weather. Las Vegas has some great courses as well. The Capital in Melbourne is private and spectacular. Banff in Canada is glorious, especially when you are called off the course because bears and cubs have right of way.

You are on the Board of Golf Australia. What does this involve? We have a monthly board meeting. Golf in Australia and the world is facing challenges as we become a time-poor culture with so many other entertainment and sporting choices. I like to think I can encourage more people, especially women, to get into the game.

How has the attitudes towards women's golf changed over the years? More women are playing because male attitudes have softened. Almost all courses now have times for women on every day rather than men owning Wednesday/Saturday. Most courses' fee structures are not based on gender.

Favourite female professional golfer? Karrie Webb is the best female golfer in the world and has the wins to prove it. New Zealander Lydia Ko looks as if she will be taking up that title very soon though.

What are your essentials for living life well? My essential is optimism. Try to be happy more often than not. Be kind.

Describe your skincare, healthcare or beauty routines. I believe in exfoliating skin regularly but the most important skin tip is to use sunscreen. I use tinted moisturiser by True Solutions when I am golfing.

What's your philosophy on healthy eating? I try to eat high protein/low carb. I am glad I love vegetables and fruit, but balance all round. If your diet isn't right it tells on your skin and body.

Favourite meal? Healthy: prawns and fresh Queensland mud crab and avocado. Naughty: rocky road and black forest cake.

Ultimate way to spend a day? My perfect day would involve playing golf - at a course with brilliant views and stunning weather - with comedian Robin Williams.

Favourite holiday destination? We love cruising, especially the Mediterranean, as you only have to unpack once and wake up in new towns, cities and countries.

Current passion? My passion is golf and my husband says I'm obsessed. Why? because every single shot is different on every single course and you are only playing against yourself.

Have you been to Kauri Cliffs before? I can't wait to get to Kauri Cliffs as I've heard so much about it and have never been. I have been invited to host and play with guests. I will speak as well. I love meeting new and interesting people, especially in stunning places like Kauri Cliffs with fine food and wine into the bargain.

• To find out more about the Kauri Cliffs Ladies Golf Classic Weekend,, email or ph (03) 441 1008.

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