Brave The Elements And Find Your Hair Confidence This Winter

Sports star Courtney Tairi knows all about overcoming challenges, and her off-duty hair regimen combats the seasonal effects of dryness and damage.

Courtney Tairi. Photo / Supplied.

“My hair is like a safety blanket,” laughs the former Silver Fern turned Sky TV presenter and Dove ambassador. “When I have it out on TV it frames my face and it’s nice and long. But I probably need to look after it a bit more!” Like many women, Courtney Tairi says she feels her most confident when her locks are at their silky best.

She acknowledges she’s fortunate to have a team of hair stylists to ensure her hair looks healthy on screen – but she still likes to mitigate the dryness and damage that occurs as a result of the frequent washing, blow-drying and heat styling she undergoes for her job. In recent years she has also started colouring her hair lighter, and has noticed the blonder highlights becoming coarse. Throw in the harsh winter elements, and it’s harder to achieve that soft, silky texture, she says. “Especially when it’s cold and rainy, that’s when we use a bit more product in my hair to control the flyaways and make it TV-appropriate. After a long day at work, all you want to do is wash your hair and get all that hairspray and those hard products out.”

Using a regular hydrating or conditioning shampoo and conditioner during her downtime or when travelling is one way she keeps her hair moisturised, as does ensuring heat protection sprays are used during the styling process. Courtney also swears by Dove Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner, which leaves hair smoother and easier to manage. This year Dove Intensive Repair was relaunched with a new and improved formula, its smart target technology tackling dry and damaged hair. “I’m loving it,” says Courtney. “I’ve noticed my hair is softer and shinier – it’s given it a much nicer texture.”

Maintaining healthy hair isn’t just important for those in the spotlight – external studies show the state of our tresses can have a significant impact on our mental health too. A Hair Rx study found that 80 per cent of participants felt their hair influenced their personal outlook, with most saying they want their hair to make them feel more confident; and 68 per cent of women reported they are unhappy with their hair.

Forty percent per cent said dryness, frizz and general lack of health are the main issues. Twenty-five per cent of women report their confidence decreases on days they’re unhappy with their hair. While everyday lifestyle factors are often to blame – from sun or environmental damage, to colouring, straightening, and brushing – these effects can be mitigated by using products that focus on locking moisture into the hair, preventing dryness, frizz or flyaways.

Photo / Supplied.

For Courtney, confidence – both on and off the court – is imperative. “In my netball team, there was a saying: ‘Look good, feel good, play good’. I apply what I learned as an athlete to all aspects of my life. Knowing that I have the confidence within myself to put my best foot forward allows me to have the confidence to tackle the world and whatever work throws at me.”

Dove recommends nourishing hair with Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner, and keeping hair trimmed and combed regularly are other good tips. “My hair is definitely on a healthier journey since I started using Dove Repair and my stylists have definitely noticed the difference. I used to be quite at bad looking after it. Being an athlete, I was so used to throwing it up and just going for it. I’m now looking after it, and it’s been such a learning process for me.”

Exercise can affect the look and feel of our hair. As an athlete, Courtney says she became accustomed to wearing her hair up in a slick ponytail, something she continues when she’s hitting the gym. “Even that can be quite damaging,” she says. “I always try to find that balance of letting it be relaxed and leaving it down, even if it’s not styled and I’m just cruising around at home. On those days I’ll let it dry naturally to make sure I don’t put any heat or styling products on it, just to give it a break.”

Along with using Dove Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner, Courtney often adds a serum to give her hair a glow. “I try my best to look after it as much as I can because there are always heating tools on it, so it can get quite dry at times.”

When her hair is freshly washed and styled with curling tongs, it has a certain feel about it, she says. “I can feel the weight of it on my shoulders,” Courtney reveals. “I just know I’m ready to go and I feel confident and ready to get on camera. I don’t have to worry what I look like because it’s taken care of. I’m just ready to do my job.”

For more tips on how to maintain glossy, healthy hair and prevent hair damage, visit or try Dove Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner to #StoptheDamage

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