Broadcaster and television host Stacey Morrison, photographed for 'Canvas' magazine wearing Kiri Nathan. Photo / Jason Oxenham

Broadcaster Stacey Morrison's Beauty Routine

The livewire Hits presenter and te ao Maori champion will be spreading the word (and sharing kai) at Womad

From youth television to morning radio, lifestyle shows and speaking engagements, Stacey Morrison has spent her career in the public eye. The popular multi-talented broadcaster's next gig is at Womad NZ, where she will host the OMV Taste the World segment of the festival in New Plymouth from March 13-15.

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Stacey is looking forward to sharing her love of good kai with visiting international artists and festival audiences and comes well equipped for the role after five seasons hosting her lifestyle and cooking show Whanau Living. Here, the candid, busy mother of three shares her beauty routines and relationship with wellness.

Beauty ethos
I have an inside-out approach to appearance, both in terms of what you put into your body and consume, and also in terms of your energy and emotions contributing to how we look on the outside.

Public appearances
I'm always relieved when a professional takes care of my hair and makeup! I like letting them do what they do a lot better than me, it helps me be more adventurous that I may be myself. They tend to be able to bring any vision I have in mind to life, better than I can.

I enjoy choosing outfits, and my sister is a stylist so I lean on her too, but I do always hope what I say, and how people feel as a result of what we present on stage is the most enduring take away for an audience.

Showtime v supermarket
Television makeup is much heavier than day makeup and if I come into the radio station done up people ask 'have you been filming?' because it's not my usual, 10-minute make up effort! That said, I'm not often seen without heels on.

Memories of makeup
My mum was good with makeup, bearing in mind the trends of the 1980s and 90s had their strengths and weaknesses! I was very conservative when I first starting having my makeup done for television and would always say 'um, just natural, please!'

Broadcaster and television host Stacey Morrison, photographed for 'Canvas' magazine wearing Kiri Nathan. Photo / Jason Oxenham

Style evolution
I really hope you don't dredge up some photos from our youth shows like Mai Time in the 90s, put it that way! But I feel happy that I've explored trends (fashion in particular), and that there are ways to fix what happened to our eyebrows in the too-thin phase of the 90s.

Best looks
I always feel proud and strong wearing the stunning work of my close friend Kiri Nathan. I was so proud to see her work on the Oscars red carpet on the super stylish Chelsea Winstanley this year, wahine toa!

Transformation tip
Strong lip colour makes everything pop. And change your shoes… just changing from wedges to heels can change the look completely.

Everyday routine
I'm a busy mum of three so it's focused on speed! I cleanse and moisturise, but tend to skip toner, but always take supplements like magnesium for sleep, and an excellent women's multi. When I need it I have a few good face masks at the ready, or rosehip oil for dryness.

Stacey's five favourite products. Photo / Supplied

Five favourites
1. Abeeco Supabee for women: I take their collagen sometimes too.

2. Okana skincare: yes I tried it as a result of the social media I'd seen on it, it's good and I can share with two of my kids!

3. Miss Dior fragrance: My husband bought me this after a trip away filming; I don't know if I would have chosen it myself but I love it.

4. Aotearoad brand: For natural deodorants, hair and body care products.

5. Candlelit baths are one of my self-care and calming favourites, and yoga.

Hair and its care
Vanita Thomas is my dear friend and hairdresser, she is a professional makeup artist in film and television too so a one-stop-shop. I particularly appreciate that she doesn't get mad at me for dyeing my own hair from a supermarket colour and tells me I actually do a good job!

Treatment to try
I adore massages, East Day Spa in Auckland and Polynesian Spa in Rotorua are two favourites.

Beauty to you is…
A way of being, rather than just an aesthetic.

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