Designer Kathryn Wilson's NZ Fashion Week Beauty Routine

The New Zealand shoe queen and popular personality loves putting on a good show – on the runway and in real life. Here she talks about her work preparations for the big week and her personal approach

Shoe designer Kathryn Wilson. Photo / Frank Schwere

Fashion Week lead-in
I have a 4-month-old baby at home so it’s a bit of a juggle this year at NZFW, but I am looking forward to the challenge and to celebrate our new collections with media, buyers and our loyal customers!

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We are excited to be in final production meetings with NZFW and V3 to confirm the staging, screens, lighting and seating plans and confirming our model selection with Red 11 models and the music playlist with DJ Justin Sweeney which is made especially for the show.

We are working with stylist Sammy Salsa to create custom made dresses for the show and makeup director Lochie Stonehouse from Lancome for beauty and Danny Pato from D&M for hair so we are constantly sharing ideas and moodboards to make sure we are all loving the final look.

Our 80 + wholesale accounts around New Zealand are making appointments to view the Winter 20 collections in our Auckland-based showroom so the weeks before and during NZFW are filled with sales appointments where we get so much valuable feedback from the retailers and which styles have sold the best for them over the last season.

Our Summer 19 collections have arrived into the country and are being dispatched by DHL logistics out at the airport so we have to oversee the quality control process making sure all production is looking great and our retail stores can be changed over from Winter 19 sale into new season beautiful, fresh summer shoes!

Show beauty plans
I work really closely with the beauty and hair teams from Lancome and D&M on all of our shows… our stylist Sammy Salsa has helped to pull the final look together with makeup, hair references and accessories that all tie back to the Sex in the City theme and inspiration from Sarah Jessica Parker’s forever chic character Carrie Bradshaw. Her skin is glowing and her smile is wide!!

Your own FW look
I plan the outfits ahead of each day to make sure I am wearing something current or new season from favourite New Zealand designers and definitely new season heels to match. I book into Danny at D&M for blow-waves to see me through the week and makeup with Grayson Coutts for the shows. I have had my nails freshly painted at Leah Light to match our show theme and I’m still deciding on the dress for the day (Kathryn’s show is on Wednesday, August 28).

On hand at FW
Lots of water, a bright L’Absolu Rouge lip colour by Lancome, new season Rochelle heels in Dolly Pink, and my Samsung note 9 so I can be on emails and messages backstage and work from the venue during the week!

Beauty ethos
As I am getting older I rely a lot more on great products to help with beauty regime and my skin health… and I now wear sunblock everyday all year round! I have always preferred a natural look and fresh, light coverage makeup but also appreciate how much difference a great makeup artist and products can make.

Kathryn counts a bright lip as the ultimate transformation tool. Photo / Supplied

Supermarket v show day
Haha, yes definitely a more polished version of myself when attending events or shows. (I can’t get away with sneakers when seated in the front row!). But I like to keep a regular blow-wave in the calendar each week with D&M and wear light makeup most days to the office so I would like to think not too different.

Earliest makeup memories
I used to watch Mum put on her makeup and would always pretend to do my own mascara and lips with her products when she wasn’t watching. I wasn’t allowed to wear any until I was at high school… but I would always pretend.

Beauty influences
I really appreciate natural beauty these days… people with great smiles and kind eyes — and clear skin. I always think is that what it looks like to drink plenty of water and get great sleep?!! A beauty icon for me would be Beyonce, she’s a mum, a superstar performer, must be busier than anyone we know, but makes her health and wellness a priority and is always smiling. Also Grace Kelly for her timeless classic beauty, great hair and clear skin.

Tricks of the trade
Spend money and time on your hair, skincare and your accessories. You can update your whole wardrobe with new shoes and bags… and a good blow-wave and freshly painted nails can work wonders for your confidence.

Daily beauty routine
I love Dermalogica products as I have super sensitive skin that needs loads of hydration and calming for redness. I use Skin Perfect primer from Dermalogica every day under my Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation and a blush on cheekbones for definition and then a light highlight. I generally keep my eye makeup natural with the Lancome Grandiôse Waterproof Mascara and eyeliner, but love to wear a bright lip for a pop of colour to match my heels! This season my favourite shade is Lancome’s L’Absolu Mademoiselle Stands Out.

Hair and its care
I have fine hair that needs nourishing as it’s regularly coloured, so I love products that moisturise but don’t weigh my hair down. I love the Davines Oi All In One Milk — it’s like a primer for my hair, a leave-in conditioner that protects and nourishes, and smells like white roses. Also Davines Liquid Spell, a magical leave-in foam treatment that gives my hair strength, volume and shine.

Transformation tip
Bright lips and coloured heels.

Kathryn's favourite products. Photo / Supplied

Five favourite products

1.Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer: It’s an essential travel buddy for me that makes the skin tone even and hides any pigmentation. I wear this daily either alone with a light powder or under my foundation.

2. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm: I love the fragrance and always buy this as a gift for girlfriends. My friend Boh Runga taught me about the importance of a good hand cream to stop them aging!!

3. Lancome Click and Glow Illuminating Pen: This is so handy for eyes, cheekbones, and even lips! An all-round product that is great to travel with

4. Davines Authentic Replenishing Butter: A wonderful rich moisturiser which you can use on your body, face and hair with a beautiful natural fragrance. I make sure I always have supply of this year round.

5. Jeuneora Renew marine collagen supplements: I have found this has made a huge difference to my nails, skin and hair after having babies. It’s great to add to smoothies for breakfast.

Treatment to try
I make sure to get fresh gel nails every 2-3 weeks at Leah Light in Parnell so I can feel polished and feminine… and I try to fit in a weekly hair and scalp Purity detox mask made with bamboo charcoal by Davines.

Beauty to you is…
A genuine smile and a kind heart.

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