Ms Wednesday performing at her one woman show 'Everybody Interesting is Gay'. Photo / Supplied

Drag Artist Ms Wednesday's Dazzling Beauty Routine

Make like a queen by following Ms Wednesday Blaiselle's expert tips for starry nights out

For a Christmas party with a purpose — or just a fun evening out — consider getting along to this month’s Drag Wars All Stars 2019 night. The show at Phoenix Cabaret on Karangahape Rd doubles as a special New Zealand AIDS Foundation fundraiser and is an opportunity to see our Beauty Routine subject Ms Wednesday Blaiselle light up the stage. She’s one of a number of outstanding queens turning out on Friday, November 22, to herald the start of the awareness raising World AIDS Day Festival programme.

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Drag Wars are hosted monthly by Kita Mean and Anita Wigl’it who fronted TVNZ’s House of Drag. They promise this special edition show will be even more spectacular than usual, underpinned by the message to fight stigma in the lead-in to World AIDS Day on December 1. The festival programme brings together the AIDS Foundation, Body Positive and Positive Women Inc to help educate and give visibility around those living with HIV in Aoteoroa, estimated to be around 3700 people. To find out more about the event, visit

To find out more about Ms Wednesday’s stage and everyday looks read on.

Beauty ethos
My beauty ethos is to dazzle with dynamism — bold features, contrasted with soft edges

Makeup memories
When I was a young child, I used to sift through my grandmother’s old powder and rouge compacts from the 50s, sit at her vanity and mattify my face with these beautiful gilded treasures.

Appearance evolution
When I first started in drag, I was performing in an arena show, the painting was for audience members 50 to 100 metres away. It was big, bold, full of glitter. This has since transformed to a more subtle expression. I have been VERY lucky, ever since I started drag, my drag mother, Booby Tuesday, has guided me through this transition, providing constant support, tutorials and on occasion, offering to paint me herself for important appearances.

Drag to you is...
A means of surpassing gender and elevating one’s spirit to an ethereal realm in the pursuit of activism and advocacy.

Best and worst looks
My favourite look was for my one woman show Everybody Interesting is Gay (pictured). Through ticket profit, I was able to donate over $4500 to the New Zealand AIDS Foundation from this show. Best night of my life.

Supermarket v stage
Completely unrecognisable. If you saw me in the supermarket, I would be in sweats and a baseball cap. On stage, she is full glamourosa.

Beauty trick
Translucent powder and setting spray are a dancer’s best friend. Between all the high kicking, the belting, the shimming and the tap dancing, these two products prevent my face from melting off.

Everyday routine
Shower in the morning, cleanse, tone and moisturiser which sees me through the day.

At night, after a show, coconut oil and unscented baby wipes clean the makeup (however thick) right off. This is then followed by a shower, cleanse, toner and moisturiser.

Alyssa Edwards Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Photo / Supplied

Favourite products

1.Ben Nye Glitter Glue: Cos who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle stuck to your face?

2. Sugar Pill Lippy: Beautiful, bold colours and gorgeous coverage.

3. Cheap stationary store glue stick: I have very thick natural brows and this little, inexpensive tool helps me block them to my face to ensure a blank canvas for painting.

4. Kaftan: Something light and flowy to wear while you spend three hours in the make-up chair — comfort is key

5. Alyssa Edwards Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills: Electric and dynamic (tongue) pops of colour, yes Ma’am!

Transformation tip
You can always start again. This is something I remind myself constantly (particularly when drawing on my eyebrows)!

Hair and its care
All of my synthetic wigs get a lovely bath of fabric shampoo and lavender scented fabric softener and a beautiful rinse. I then visit my Drag Mother’s salon, and we use a combination of wig combs, pins, back-combing, dacron (for height), volume enhancing and super strength lacquer to hold the hair through all the whirls and twirls. The wigs are then adorned with precious heirlooms, passed down from my drag mother, to carry on the family legacy.

Treatment to try
After 8 hours of day drag, one of my favourite things to do is to get a reflexology massage on my feet, ankles, hamstrings and knees — these really take a battering when I’m high kicking down Queen St for three hours!

Beauty to you is...
Generosity, kindness, empathy and honesty

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