15 Ways to Feel Good

Sometimes it's the little things. Try one, or several, of these simple ideas to feel good

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To mark World Mental Health Day - which aims to help raise awareness of mental health issues around the world - we've collated a list of simple ideas to feel good.

Read more about World Health Day 2015, donate to the Mental Health Foundation, and read their wellbeing tips.

1. Start the day right by aiming to improve your morning routine.

2. Go for a long walk through Cornwall Park in Auckland (or another local park), get some fresh air in your lungs and see the new spring lambs.

3. Bake a cake then eat it too. Spend an afternoon baking one of our favourite cakes from recipe editor Angela Casley, Eleanor Ozich of Petite Kitchen and Olivia Scott of The Raw Kitchen.

4. Secure a spot on a yoga mat at The Centre, then pop downstairs to Little Bird Unbakery and devour some wholesome goodies.

5. Put down your phone, pick up a pen and embrace the colouring for adults trend — said to help relaxation.

6. Be inspired about growing older by watching Iris, a film about the celebrated 93-year-old style icon.

7. Listen to some new music - loud. Dance if you want to.

8. Visit Karla Goodwin’s second cakery Bluebells in Eden Terrace and indulge in one of her signature treats.

9. Invite your oldest friends around for a pot-luck dinner.

10. Devour a new book. Try Sir Michael Hill’s motivational guide Think Bigger: How to Raise Your Expectations and Achieve Everything or Cabin Porn: Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere.

11. Go for a bike ride.

12. Break your usual routine and try somewhere new to eat.

13. Work your way through our list of of 23 things to do in October.

14. Eat oysters. There will be plenty of the zinc-rich delicacy to slurp at the inaugural Oyster Festival on at Waiheke this weekend - or indulge and visit the new Rockefeller Champagne and Oyster Bar.

15. Do some gardening - it's truly rewarding watching things grow.

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