Fragrances Inspired By Your Favourite Drink, From Spiced Rum To G&T

Your favourite tipple may have inspired a fragrance you’ll love. From traditional colognes redolent of gentlemen’s clubs to lighter spritzes, here’s a few to sample

A cocktail-inspired scent is the perfect finishing touch to your next night out. Photo / Rebecca Zephyr Thomas


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1. Beaufort Coeur de Noir 50ml eau de parfum $299.
Conjures up spiced rum, leather, tobacco, tar and other ahoy-me-hearties scents. Would-be gentleman pirates will dive into its inky depths.

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2. Demeter Caipirinha cologne, about $55.
From the American brand’s extensive fragrance library, this choice is less familiar than its popular Gin & Tonic. Like Brazil’s moreish national cocktail (made from the sugar cane liquor cachaca) it is a limey lick.

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3. Frapin 1270 100ml eau de parfum $299.
The signature scent from a historic French cognac-making house. Frapin extended its melding of grapes in wood to aromatic endeavours. Intoxicatingly smooth.

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4. Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Acqua 50ml $215.
A juniper-laced homage to the Sardinian coast. Raise a martini to its salty, herbaceous notes and wish you were imbibing by the sea.

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5. Malin + Goetz Dark Rum 100ml eau de parfum $284.
This is a milky hipster tipple. The traditional rum and leather men’s club aromas are spiked with vanilla, plum, anise, patchouli and bergamot.

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6. Nasomatto Baraonda 30ml eau de parfum $299.
Like whiskey tempered with a generous splash of water. Woody with a fruity softness. Beware its effect, however, because the name means “chaos” in Italian.

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7. 100 Bon Amaretto & Framboise Poudree 50ml eau de parfum $68. 
Recalls its namesake liqueurs in being sugary sweet. Almond, berry, vanilla and floral notes are lightly mixed for a girlish summer-style spritz.

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8. Lubin Gin Fizz 100ml eau de toilette $399.
Sparkling, fresh and floral, this 1950s homage to Grace Kelly also nods to the cocktails of the era with its classic citrus and juniper berry pairing.


Clockwise from bottom left: Glasshouse Venice candle, Malin + Goetz Mojito candle, Glasshouse Grandma's Punch candle, Diptyque Mimosa candle. Photos / Supplied

Set the scene at your next drinks party with one of these candles, or be a scent mixologist and layer aromas. Try Glasshouse’s Peach Bellini-scented Venice candle, $58, named for the city where the drink was invented at Harry’s Bar. From

For a more tropical touch try the Malin + Goetz Mojito candle, $95, with notes of lime, rum, mint and basil. The brand also makes a delicious Dark Rum candle. See

For traditional types Diptyque’s Mimosa candle, $98, is delightful, although admittedly fragranced by the yellow mimosa flower, rather than the just as crisp combination of orange juice and champagne. See

Not for retiring nanas, the shiny Glasshouse Grandma’s Punch candle, $60, is more suited to the disco diva type. It has a fruity fragrance of pomegranate and strawberries. See

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