Freshen Up For 2020: Five Beauty Treatments To Book Now Or In The New Year

The Viva beauty team nominate their picks of ways to work a little magic on your appearance

Treat yourself to a little pre-Christmas or post New Year's pampering. Photo / Getty Images

New Year, new you, it’s a saying that resonates when you’re counting down to the end of another long year and hoping for a fresh start ahead. Set yourself up with confidence by getting ahead of the game with a sneaky pre-Christmas treatment so you can face the round of parties looking fabulous or, if you’re just too busy now, plan to use the quieter first months of next year productively.

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In between the beach and barbecues and before work really ramps up, ensure you arrange some “me” time. Self-care and relaxation top the list, but sometimes the professionals are called for.

Here are a few ideas that will make a noticeable difference to how you look, with results that will carry you well into 2020.

Expect a little flakiness following Ultraceuticals' A-Zyme Treatment. Photo / Supplied

More intensive than an at-home exfoliation is an in-clinic peel, designed to dissolve away your surface woes, revealing fresher skin beneath. Sadly, a peel is not as relaxing as a pampering facial, but it’s hardly a pain to go in looking care-worn and come out after a course with a baby-smooth complexion. Let the experts choose the peel to best suit your skin type and concerns, with some having specific targets such as pigmentation and others being more all-purpose rejuvenators.

If your skin is sensitive then proceed cautiously but most people tolerate acid and enzyme peels well. Aside from the possibilities of mild tingling during the peel and a little flaking afterwards, reactions are usually minimal. In some cases, so minimal that you’re left wondering what the peel actually achieved, however, if taking a course it’s best to start gently and build up in strength.

The Ultraceuticals A-Zyme Treatment is fast-acting and non-invasive and you will know you’ve had it. That’s a good thing, because even after one peel you will see a difference. Expect some flaking — so don’t book a special occasion where you want a flawlessly made-up face over the next few days — but once that’s gone, expect visibly smoother, clearer skin. With anti-ageing ingredients including Retinol and the pineapple extract known as Bromelain, this peel will roll back the tired skin and help plump and smooth the fresh stuff.

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Viva beauty editor Janetta Mackay was surprised to lose a little layer of skin on and under her chin instead of just a touch around the nose, but she was pleased to find a patch of persistent adult acne on said chin was reduced and calmed and stayed that way, all after one 30-minute treatment at Haven Day Spa, Takapuna. Mild redness only lasted a few hours, but the dry flakiness took 4-5 days and some hydrating serum and oils to properly rectify itself.

Ultraceuticals recommends using its Ultra Dual Microfoliant, $89, at home to keep up cell turnover between peels. Once your skin has settled (don’t forget the sunscreen and consider some mineral makeup disguise), then before you know it you will be fairly glowing with fine lines less obvious — plus happily back to exfoliating.

For skin that needs a rark-up, the A-Zyme peel, $180 at Haven (prices at other Ultraceutical clinics may vary), is like turning over a whole new leaf. See

Philips Zoom Whitening takes approximately 45 minutes, and can whiten teeth up to eight shades. Photo / Supplied

When you get to the point of being self-conscious about your smile, it’s time for action. A winter of red wine and curries and a daily habit of twice or thrice daily coffees all take their toll, so it’s no surprise a good dentist will warn you that lifestyle factors are one of the biggest contributors to teeth losing their pearly white appeal. Age and thinning enamel don’t help either. That means if you want to see change for the better, you have to either adapt your ways, take remedial action, or better yet both.

Tooth whitening is the obvious answer and for instant results a visit to the dental clinic will provide far faster and better results than anything that can be achieved at home. It’s a chance to ensure all is well with your dental health too, as a separate clean and consultation is recommended before whitening.

Philiips Zoom is the No. 1 dental whitening in the US and it’s become pretty popular here too, with good reason. Greenlane Dental tells Viva’s Janetta Mackay that while annual whitening makes a big difference, some clients get addicted and come back 2 to 3 times a year, because they like the instant results. The gap between treatments can be stretched out by using whitening trays at home, but many busy people can’t be bothered. A newer trend, also imported from the States, is for clients to want veneers for purely cosmetic purposes. If you prefer to keep what you’ve got in good order then a Zoom treatment comes with a reassuring track record. It involves three applications of a gel with its effect amplified by exposure to ultraviolet light, a process totalling around 45-minutes. Whitening up to eight shades is possible but around half that is more usual.

Other laser whitening systems can expose teeth to ultra-red light and more heat and sensitivities. Dental clinics like Greenlane Dental, with a primary focus on on-going tooth health ahead of cosmetic results, are a good place to go for upfront advice and guidance. Treatments start from $690, to find your nearest provider and book see

Experience 60 minutes of magic at Spring Spa with its Margaret Dabbs Supreme Pedicure. Photo / Supplied

Nothing says ‘indulgent’ quite like reclining back into a comfortable chair and soaking your feet in a warm, milky emulsion. For some, pedicures are a ‘rinse and repeat’ treatment on their self-care cycle, but for others a once-in-a-while luxury. We’re all guilty of neglecting our feet in the cooler months, but with summer practically here, there’s no better time than now to have your hardworking hooves buffed, scrubbed and smoothed before pouring them into a strappy sandal or summery espadrille.

Viva beauty writer Ash Cometti hasn’t been able to touch her toes since September, so says Spring Spa’s Margaret Dabbs Supreme Pedicure was a welcome treat. “The 60-minute treatment sees a therapist clean, file and shape nails, before using a pumice tool to buff dry spots like the heel or outer edge of the foot. Next, a squirt of something creamy was added to a tub of warm water to form a milky solution in which to soak feet and ankles — heavenly for someone who’s now eight months’ pregnant and starting to suffer from water retention. A gritty scrub was worked into my calf, heel and in between toes before rinsing.

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"Now came time for polish. I selected a punchy fire engine red hue (my forever go-to for toes), which was applied in layers and baked under UV light to seal the Shellac. The finishing touch was a refreshing mist over my feet and toes before a cream massage locked in all that juicy moisture. Hot tip for young players — ask to have the cream wiped from the soles of your feet with a warm wet towel before you depart. Otherwise you’ll be slipping and sliding your way from spa to car,” Ashleigh says.

You may like to extend the pampering by tacking on a Margaret Dabbs Supreme Manicure, $90 for 60 minutes, which follows a similar process to toes but includes a cosseting hand and lower arm massage. Or restore balance to the body with reflexology foot massage, from $55 for 30 minutes, which sees a therapist work on pressure points on the sole of the foot to help spur on a sense of calm. Sister spa East Day in Auckland’s CBD has a similar offering. See

The Face Place's Vampire Facial Plus requires plenty of prep beforehand to guarantee optimum results. Photo / Supplied

The Vampire Facial is an awards season go-to treatment of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and such, and it’s one that’s available in New Zealand. The Vampire Facial Plus is The Face Place’s unique twist on the standard treatment, and sees three treatments combine into one — e-Dermastamp (EDS), Hydrating HA solution (HA) and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). The purpose of the treatment, available at The Face Place's two Auckland clinics, is to renew and regenerate skin using the power of the client’s own blood platelets.

The e-Dermastamp (a handheld needling device) helps create slight surface trauma to allow for the better penetration of the HA and PRP into the deeper layers of the skin for greater efficacy. With regular treatments, clients can expect to see reduced pore size, an improvement of the fine crepe-like skin around the eyes, as well as skin that’s bouncier and more luminous. An initial consultation before treatments commence is a must, mainly to ensure the ins and outs of what’s involved are fully understood, as well as to arrange proper pre-treatment prep is followed for at least one month using medical grade skincare.

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A little downtime is required, as skin can remain red for anywhere between 12 and 24 hours post-treatment. Surface bruising is also not uncommon. The fine nature of the needles used means that collagen production is stimulated, without causing scabbing or grazing.

A course of three or four treatments over a four to six month period is recommended for best results, and can be topped up once or twice a year annually on-going. Visit The Face Place in Takapuna or Britomart, or see


Treat your hair to a little post-sun and surf pampering with an in-salon or at-home dose of Olaplex No. 3. Photo / Supplied

Between sun and surf, hair takes a beating during the balmier months, whether tied up when wet and salty or left to air dry in its natural state. To restore moisture to thirsty locks, book yourself in for an in-salon hair treatment, or select from the many take-home options available.

Viva beauty writer Ashleigh Cometti is a long-time user of Olaplex No. 3, and, being a bottle blonde, talks to its efficacy in smoothing and strengthening hair. Olaplex No. 3 is the hair treatment that’s inspired brands the world over to develop similar formulations with the ‘plex’ suffix, and can be used as an in-salon treatment or at home to multiple the bonds of the hair.

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Blondes aside, Olaplex No. 3 can be used by anyone with dry or damaged hair — as it aims to restore the bonds of hair that can be broken down by regular colouring or wear and tear. Plus it’s gentle enough for use on hair extensions.

Olaplex treatments can be added to any colour service for an additional $35, or in conjunction with a blow wave and style for $120. Olaplex No. 3 is also available in a take home treatment kit which sees it combine with No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner. Ask your local salon or visit

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