Giorgio Armani's latest olfaction is the brand's most sustainable launch yet. Photo / Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani’s Newest Fragrance Marks Its Commitment To Sustainability

The launch of Giorgio Armani My Way ushers in a new era for the brand

The growing demand for traceable, sustainable beauty products has ushered in a new era of conscious consumerism in the beauty industry.

This new wave of consumers want to be informed about a product’s environmental and ethical footprint, more specifically where the ingredients contained within originate from, and how to make this product last.

And with so many products out there to choose from, consumers can afford to be selective.

With this in mind, Giorgi Armani sought to reimagine its fragrance portfolio and cement its own sustainable practices on a global scale. The result is Giorgi Armani My Way, a free-spirited floral scent housed in a refillable and recyclable glass bottle.

From Egypt to Italy, Armani sourced sustainable ingredients from every corner of the globe. Photo / Giorgio Armani

The launch is underpinned by Armani’s three-fold approach to the future of sustainable beauty, which was developed with the help of sustainability and strategy adviser, Nigel Salter.

The first is its commitment to make sustainability easier by challenging current consumer behaviour patterns. This line of thinking goes beyond footprints (be it carbon, water or otherwise) and examines how we use (or reuse product).

While refillable bottles are not new, the difference herein lies in how each bottle of My Way is refilled. A larger bottle means the wearer can refill the smaller container with ease, minus the need for fussy funnels. The spray bottle cap can be unscrewed, and the 150ml refill bottle can be turned upside down and screwed back onto the fragrance bottle, before replacing the spray bottle cap and lid. The glass in both the spray and refill bottles is recyclable – the cap and top of the bottle can be recycled at a classic recycling plant, while the glass elements can be recycled with glass recycling.

American actress (and free spirit) Adria Arjona is the face of the My Way campaign, and stars in five film campaigns as well as two virtual reality experiences. Photo / Giorgio Armani

The My Way launch is significant for a number of reasons, but namely for the way in which Armani analysed every link in the supply chain to work out the reductions in carbon emissions that need to be offset in order to achieve carbon neutral status. Everything from packaging components, the sourcing of ingredients, production and transport, advertising campaign shoots, store fit outs, gift boxes, photo shoots, events and more.

My Way’s residual carbon footprint for 2020 is 8,000 tones, which is to be compensated with Armani’s efforts to protect and manage the Ankaniheny-Zahamina Corridor in Madagascar - a step in the right direction.

Armani acknowledges that the launch of My Way Is just the beginning when it comes to rethinking its approach to sustainability. It’s more than just sourcing sustainable ingredients or incorporating recyclable packaging. For now, My Way embodies the full range of changes made by Armani toward sustainability in one single product – from sourcing ingredients all the way through the in-use phase. 

Bright, modern and feminine, Giorgio Armani My Way makes use of natural, fair trade certified ingredients sourced from local NGOs.

This white floral scent opens with notes of bergamot and orange blossom sourced from Calabria, Italy and Egypt respectively. Luminous and sparkling, the fragrance unfolds to a bright floral bouquet of Indian tuberose and jasmine at its heart. Finally, a sensual finish with a warming base of Madagascan vanilla bourbon premium, white musks and Virginian cedarwood.

As the sparkling start of the fragrance, orange blossom is extracted from hand-picked bitter orange fruits in Egypt, using a natural effleurage process. Indian tuberose is sourced and hand-picked near Mysore in the state of Karnataka in India, while vanilla is collected from a sustainable and responsible NGO designed to support local communities in Madagascar. 

Designed with the modern woman in mind, My Way urges the wearer to embark on a global journey of curiosity, connection and consciousness. 

The motto behind the My Way launch is 'designed to last', which is reflected in the refillable, recyclable perfume bottle. Photo / Giorgio Armani

The My Way campaign is fronted by American actress Adria Arjona, who was handpicked by Armani for her free-spirited and open personality, and a backstory that shares an affinity with My Way’s ethos: “I Am What I Live”, as characterised by new experiences and meaningful connection with others. Adria features in a series of five films and two virtual reality experiences, helmed by creative duo Hunter & Gatti.

Adria burst onto the silver screen with a breakthrough role in True Detective in 2015, alongside Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch. She’s since appeared in Netflix’s 6 Underground with co-star (and fellow Armani ambassador, Ryan Reynolds), and has a starring role in Morbius, set to be released in 2021.

Giorgio Armani My Way 90ml eau de parfum, $225, is available from selected pharmacies and department stores.

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