Glossy? Sleek? Flipped Out? Five Chic Hairstyles To Wear On Christmas Day

No matter your hair type, these on-trend hairstyles are sure to elevate any festive ensemble

Get in the Christmas spirit with these five sleek hairstyles to wear on Christmas Day and beyond. Photo / Supplied

With party season in full swing, chances are you've planned outfits, brushed up your cocktail-making skills, and picked out the perfect playlist to get everyone in the celebratory mood.

But if you're lacking inspiration when it comes to styling your hair for every soiree, then you're in luck — we've called in one hair expert for his top five styles to try on Christmas Day and beyond. 

According to Ghd Australia and New Zealand national education manager Jordan Thomas, there's a new term to familiarise yourself with when it comes to party hair. 

"This Christmas, we are obsessed with the term 'sexture'. Enhancing and embellishing the hair, not just to create party hair but to ijnect allure and sensuality," Jordan says. 

"To create this, I love sectioning the hair from the crown down to the nape and creating kinks, I achieve this using the ghd Platinum+ Styler, rotating the styler towards the face, gliding down an inch or two and then removing the styler from the hair and repeating down the strand, depending on length. After I’ve worked this in, I isolate the front sections and curl away from the face. I then straighten the ends to provide a lived-in and effortlessly cool feeling." 

Ghd expert Jordan Thomas says expect to see 'sexture' reign supreme this party season and beyond. Photo / Supplied

Expect to see sexture among the top hair trends to dominate in 2022, Jordan teases, especially off the back of 'New Year, New Me' moments. "We see it in salons every year, clients wanting to make drastic changes at the start of the year. Post-lockdown is like this annual trend, but on steriods! Expect to see your friends and co-workers with new colours, lengths and styles in 2022," he says. 

Get The Look: Glossy Waves 

Embrace old Hollywood glamour with this show-stopping style, which brings the wow-factor when dressed up with an embellished statement hair slide. Photo / Supplied

Step 1: Prep the hair with Ghd Curly Ever After Curl Hold Spray in misted layers. 

Step 2: Place the Ghd Platinum+ Styler vertically into the roots, with the nose of the styler pointing downwards. 

Step 3: Turn the styler one full turn away from the face. 

Step 4: Glide down the hair until reaching the ends.

Step 5: Continue this technique throughout the hair, then curling towards the face on the opposite side.

Photo / Supplied

Step 6: Finish the look by misting the Ghd Shiny Ever After Final Shine Spray onto a Ghd Detangling Comb. 

Step 7: Dress out the curls to create formed, glossy waves with the Ghd Detangling Comb. 

Step 8. Finish the look by tucking one side behind the ear and accessoring with a chunky hair slide. 

Get The Look: Flipped Out Pony 

Pretty and practical, this sleek, flipped out pony is the perfect style if you're short on time. Photo / Supplied

Step 1: Prep the hair with the Ghd Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray in misted layers.

Step 2: Flip upside down and brush hair into a high ponytail using the Ghd Oval Dressing Brush, tie into place.

Step 3: Fix all flyways into place by misting the Ghd Perfect Ending Final Fix Hairspray and smoothing over with the palm of the hand.

Photo / Supplied

Step 4: Divide the ponytail into three sections and place the Ghd Platinum+ Styler horizontally into the roots.

Step 5: Glide down the hair, holding the ends for the best tension.

Step 6: Turn the styler a quarter turn upwards to create a flipped-out end.

Step 7: Continue this technique throughout the three sections of the ponytail.

Step 8: Finish the look by accessorising with a festive hair scrunchie and brushing the ponytail together using the Ghd Oval dressing brush

Get The Look: On-The-Go Party Look

Fancy and fuss-free, this style recruits Ghd's newest cordless offering — the Ghd Unplugged styler. Photo / Supplied

Step 1: Prep the hair with the Ghd Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray in misted layers.

Step 2: Place the Ghd Paddle Brush horizontally into the roots followed by the Ghd Unplugged Styler.

Step 3: Glide down until reaching the ends of the hair.

Step 4: Continue this technique, topping up sections throughout the hair.

Step 5: Section the hair into two from the end of the eyebrow.

Photo / Supplied

Step 6: Tie the top section into a low pony using an elastic.

Step 7: Take a piece of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to finish. Add a festive hair slide and mist with the Ghd Shiny Ever After Final Shine Spray.

Step 8: Accessorise with a festive hair slide to finish the look.

Get The Look: Diffused Pony 

Celebrate your hair's natural texture with this stand-out style. Photo / Supplied

Step 1: Prep the hair by applying a moisturising pomade and oil and detangle the hair.

Step 2: Apply the Ghd Body Goals Total Volume Foam into the mid-lengths and ends of the hair for maximum body.

Step 3: Tie the hair into a low ponytail with a festive hair scrunchie.

Step 4: Smooth the hairline with an edge taming gel.

Photo / Supplied

Step 5: Comb back the hair using the Ghd Detangling Comb to spread the edge taming gel for a snatched look.

Step 6: Diffuse the ponytail using the Ghd Helios Hairdryer on a medium heat and medium speed.

Step 7: Using the teeth of the Ghd Diffuser Attachment, comb through the ponytail to stretch out the texture, expanding the ponytail.

Step 8: Finish the look by misting the Ghd Shiny Ever After Final Shine Spray onto the ponytail.

Get The Look: Half Up Pony 

If you love looking like you put in far more effort than you actually did, then this easy-yet-effortless style is worth considering. Photo / Supplied

Step 1: Prep the hair with the Ghd Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray in misted layers.

Step 2: Section the hair horizontally into two sections, beginning at the bottom of the head and work upwards.

Step 3: Place the ghd paddle brush horizontally into the roots, followed by the Ghd Gold Styler.

Step 4: Glide down the hair, leading the way with the ghd paddle brush for the best tension.

Step 5: Turn the Ghd Gold Styler a quarter turn inwards for a soft bevel on the ends of the hair.

Photo / Supplied

Step 6: Continue this technique throughout the hair until all hair is smooth and tucked.

Step 7: Section the front of the hair into a large triangle, clip this up and out of the way.

Step 8: Section the hair again from the ears upwards for a high ponytail and tie this into place.

Step 9: Release the triangle section, sweep to the side and secure with festive hair slides.

Step 10: Finish the look by wrapping hair around the elastic and misting with the Ghd Perfect Ending Final Fix Hairspray.

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