New Opening: Wellness centre Hana is open for business. Photo / Supplied.

Discover The Tranquil Calm Of Wellness Centre Hana

Featuring infrared saunas and red light therapy, this neighbourhood retreat is here to provide you with some soothing respite

Hana in Maori translates to shine, and to radiate love and warmth. It's a word that describes how Sara Higgins hopes people will feel once they leave her newly opened wellness centre Hana, specialising in providing people with a holistic health service through infrared saunas, red-light therapy, massage and meditation treatments.

Originally scheduled to open at the end of April, lockdown delays meant Hana has only been able to fully open from this week. But it’s been well worth the wait.

The calming space situated in the creative hub of The Scrap Yard in Westmoreland St. West in Grey Lynn is neighboured by complementary services including Commune Hair salon, boutique architectural and interior design practice Pennant & Triumph (responsible for Hana’s tranquil interiors) and popular eatery Ozone. 

Hana owner Sara Higgins. Photo / Supplied.

It has been a labour of love for Sara, who decided to have a career change after years working as a trained pharmacist with a background in nutritional and environmental medicine. “With my pharmacy work, it wasn’t quite fulfilling me in the way that I wanted it to be" she says. "Part of that is because of my own health journey and realising that it takes so much more than a few supplements to be ‘well’."

"You’ve actually got to take care of everything – your emotional and spiritual health, what you’re eating, the water you’re drinking– everything has to come together to make you feel your absolute best. What you spend most of your time what you have to be passionate about too – that can have quite a bit impact on your health. So if you’re in a job you’re not passionate about, then you have to make that change. That’s why I decided to do this. It gives me a chance to help people too.”

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Mind, body and soul are all things we’re paying considered attention to lately, and the opening of Hana as a dedicated infrared sauna therapy space is an opportunity to provide the type of wellness concept already popular overseas – with a local perspective. Studies have shown that red-light offers benefits such as full detoxification, alleviation from pain, improved skin clarity, more energy, improved circulation, and a strengthened immune system.

The private sauna rooms come equipped with your own shower, amenities from local hair and skin brand Sans Ceuticals, and plush luxury towels from Baina. Photo / Supplied.

A 45-minute private infrared sauna session allows you to truly stop and take the time to switch off. Controlled temperatures in the sauna come with changing coloured infrared light; from the emotional and psychological harmony and balance of green to the energising power of red. The private room also comes equipped with your own shower with amenities from local hair and skin brand Sans Ceuticals, and plush luxury towels from another local label Baina. An iPad is also made available in the sauna so you can play your favourite soothing music, or perhaps simply unplug and unwind. “We all lead such busy lives, and everyone’s rushing from place to place – I want people to really slow down and calm down. To take that time for themselves and really feel like a new person afterward.”

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In addition to its private infrared sauna and red-light therapy services, a massage therapy service is available along with forthcoming popup sessions for acupuncture and meditation. The infrared saunas can be booked for up to 45 minutes; and Photobiomodulation (Red light) therapy pods, for up to 20 minutes. “We have the saunas which will provide that radiating heat, but then we’ve also got other therapies like red-light therapy that gives a glow; so I wanted to draw both these therapies together as both are very healing - but in different ways. The red light therapy requires a regular commitment for maximum results. With the sauna you can feel great – but if you’re using it for detox, immune-boosting and stress release you need to use it regularly.”

As wellness practitioners step up to provide even greater support for people dealing with the emotional impacts of Covid-19, Sara believes time at Hana is an opportunity to continue being kinder to ourselves in our everyday lives. “Whatever you find is your best source of mediation - whether its walks in nature, being mindful of what you’re putting on your skin or eating – all those things are integral to how we manage the rest of 2020 – and beyond.”

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