Nars modernises the cat eye for the Rag and Bone autumn-winter 2015 show at New York Fashion Week. Picture / Supplied

How To: The Purr-fect Cat Eye

Makeup expert Tony Baumann explains how to create the feline look

Creating the perfect cat eye can take about five tries, but once you master the technique you have it for life, says Mecca Cosmetica’s head of artistry Tony Baumann. From the classic upward flick that first fascinated back in the 1950s to the current fashion for a more graphic yet still feline eye, here are his tips:

Step 1: Do the flick first. Look straight ahead and use the end of your lower lash line as the starting point. Draw a line as if you were extending your lower lash line as far as you want the flick to go. By doing this you will ensure you have the right flick to suit your eye shape. 

Step 2: Tilt your head back and fill in the gap working backwards to join on your upper lash line. Make sure the start and finish of your cat eye is super fine. If you have a felt-tip-style makeup remover pen it can help with tidy ups or try a fine brush dipped in eye-makeup remover.

Baumann recommends using a black liquid liner to achieve this look. His pick is Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner exclusive in New Zealand to Mecca Cosmetica stores.

For a more graphic editorial look with a nod to the 1960s, draw the same shape with a slightly thicker line along the upper lash line and join the bottom lash line with a fine line one-third across. Make sure the line across the lower lash line is fine and crisp. Suits all eye shapes.

Baumann recommends using Nars Eye Paint with an angled brush. If you’re not confident using brushes try one of the thicker felt-tip marker-style pens that a number of brands have introduced. They’re not so precise, but are quick and easy for cool cats.

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