The rock chick eye. Picture / Maybelline.

How to Look Like a Rock Star

Get awards night ready with easy ideas for hair and makeup from the backstage experts

Take centre-stage with a rock-inspired look. Viva asked members of the backstage teams for the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards for tips on how to style yourself like a star. For great hair, makeup and nails - like the music - it’s all about having individual attitude combined with timeless artistry.

If you want to be the best solo act, not one of the group, pick a key feature to play up rather than trying a bit of everything.

Maybelline awards night makeup artist Mary Estelle suggests working the dark rock chic eye, “bad as” brows or a matte deep red lip. Just not altogether. If your eyes are smoky, pare back with a nude lip or with a dark lip don’t overdo the eye shadow. Here’s how

The rock chic eye:
“I like to call this the ‘black-out eye’,” says Estelle. “Rihanna rocks this eye a lot and the intensity of the black really works - especially if you have striking eyes or lighter hair.”
To do, twin a black eye shadow with a lighter matte shade as a highlighter. Start your makeup with the eyes when doing such a bold look, it ensures you can perfect this first without messing up your foundation with any product fallout.
1. Prime the eye lids and face.
2. Use an eye-shadow brush, start to gently pack the black eye-shadow on the top of the lid up to the crease line, blending it to fade up to the top of the crease line.
3. Blend the highlighter shade just under the brow and in to the black to create a graduated blend between the black and highlight.
4. With a smaller tipped brush use the black eye shadow to fill in the bottom of the eye and smoke out below the waterline.
5. Using black gel liner, fill in the waterline of your eye and make sure you see no flesh, this gives it the full effect. Follow by lining the top of the eye and if you’re brave enough, line your eye by filling in the top waterline of your lid for further intensity.
6. Complete with two to three coats of black mascara.
(Estelle recommends Maybelline New York Baby Skin Pore Eraser primer, The Nudes palette (which also has a dark shadow), its Gel Pot liner and Lash Sensational mascara).

Bad as brows:
Brows are really in, says Estelle, the fuller the better. Use a brow gel and brush up your brows. A gel formula will help ensure they stay set in place. (Try Maybelline New York Brow Drama, which has a wand applicator.)

Adriana Lima works a dark matte lip. Picture / Maybelline.

Dark matte lip
This look works for both high-glam style (as above) or team the same deep red colour lip with a rock-inspired hair style to really stand out.
1. Prep and prime the lips with balm.
2. To create a full and long lasting lip colour use a lip liner in a darker colour.Fill in the whole lip with this.
3. Complete with matte lipstick for modern look and intense colour.
(Try Maybelline New York Colour Sensational Bold Matte Lipstick in Deep Red with Color Drama pencil in Red Essential and Baby Lips Lip Balm underneath.

The pompadour. Picture / Redken.

The just crawled out of bed look is quintessential rock ‘n’ roll, but remember if you want to make an enviable appearance it’s best to channel the notion rather than look totally dishevelled. Wet-dry looks are a good choice as is anything else that plays up texture. If you have curl embrace it.

Awards night artistic team member for Redken, Gemma Skye Woods, who is a stylist from Surreal Hair in Christchurch says for men’s hair 1950s inspired looks are great. Women wanting to rock can try beach grunge styling for a boho feel, texturised pony tails or messy braids. Here’s how:

The Pompadour
Ask to have your sides cut short and leave the length on the top, longer at the front and shorter towards the crown if you want a pompadour, says Woods. To style this cut, start with dry hair and work in a texturising paste at the base and direct your hair up and back, preferably with a dryer. Finish off with a lightweight texture product to keep in place. (Try Redken Rootful 06 followed by Redken Rough Paste 12).

Beach Grunge
This look evolved from undone boho hair, just with a bit more grit and attitude. (Think Janis Joplin, Deborah Harry and Joss Stone).

To create: Start with smooth dry hair and a centre part. In sections spray in a sea salt spray. Twist away from the face, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends of the hair while trying to keep the root area flat. Allow to set and air dry for natural movement. (Try Redken Signature Look Fashion Waves 07).

We used to see a lot of soft romantic braids but now we are starting to see messy double Dutch braids – especially in the rock n roll scene, says Woods.

To create: Run Redken Braid Aid through the base of your hair to create texture and grip. Start with a centre part then braid one side by pulling the strands underneath instead of the traditional over top French braid. Repeat on the other side. To soften the look, pull some strands out around the face and set with spray (Try Redken Control Addict).

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