4 Ways To Master Summer Makeup (And Make It Look Easy)

From ensuring a presentable return to work to catching eyes at an event, here’s some expert advice on pulling off an effortlessly appropriate appearance

Makeup artist Michael Brown gleaned an eye-opening trick from supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Photo / @gisele

Leading Australian makeup artist and influencer Michael Brown knows the tricks of the trade after more than 15 years working on some of the beauty industry's biggest names. The popular commentator shares practical advice gleaned from working with international celebrities and cosmetic companies. He is currently brand ambassador for Ardell, a leading brand of false lashes, and not surprisingly says wearing lashes is a great way to open up your eyes, with the bonus of not having to wear a lot of makeup. 

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Another eye-opening trick he learned was from visiting supermodel Gisele Bundchen. A few years ago, while they were working together in Australia, she asked him to apply a slightly lighter colour of concealer in a thin brush stroke where the outer top and bottom of the eye meets. He uses the technique to this day, explaining: "This outer point can often have a darker or pinkish tone and by doing this it not only lifts the eye but helps separate the two lash lines which gives an open-eyed effect.”

From always wanting to finesse the finer points of his craft, to sharing what he has learned along the way — including in this seasonal advice especially for Viva — it’s no wonder former professional dancer Michael knows how to put beauty devotees centre-stage.

How to achieve an impactful yet easy beauty look that will last the distance in summer weather

1. Prep step: It all starts with good skin preparation — a brightening serum and shine-control moisturiser — for that effortless glow and makeup that lasts. By choosing a moisturiser with a built-in oil-control feature it means less powder is needed. I also like to apply a lip scrub before a balm to buff lips for a super smooth lipstick application later on, so that lipstick can bond perfectly for lasting colour.

(Michael’s power prep duo for the skin is from affordable Olay, using the Tone Perfecting Serum before layering the Regenerist Whip Moisturiser for 12-hour shine control. He likes Bite Beauty lip products).

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2. Key products: For a little coverage on the skin, I use a combined concealer and touch-up stick. As I don’t like a heavy foundation look, a stick is a great alternative to foundation as a little can be blended out over the skin with more applied as concealer for extra coverage where needed. It’s a handbag staple for events, perfect for touch-ups on the go. I also love bronzer for a little sun-kissed glow. Sweep from the centre of the face outwards with a bigger brush to mimic natural sunlight. With an angled brush use the same bronzer under the cheekbones for shade and contour, giving more shape to the face.

(Michael recommends Marc Jacobs Beauty Accomplice Concealer and Touch Up Stick).

3. Maintenance: Brush up your brows with a tinted brow gel which adds colour and lift. (Try Benefit Gimmie Brow). Then add a lip colour to enhance and finish off your look. Choose a shade you’re comfortable wearing. If you’re at an event make sure it’s one that will actually show up in photos and lift the look overall. Peach, warm red, or wine tones are my hot picks.

4. Extra emphasis: Eyes are a big feature and it’s all about the lashes for the likes of a festival look. Depending on the shape and size, false lashes can do what eye shadow does by adding shade to the socket bone and lifting the outer corner of the eyes. As a result, eye shadow can be kept to a minimum with bronzer used as a wash of colour over the lid and a touch of highlighter on the inner corner and centre of the eyelid.

(Michael’s favourite lashes are Ardell Wispies for their full volume edge-to-edge effect, fluttering and fan-like, rather than sparse irregular tips, For a more subtle approach, choose the Demi Wispies, which give volume on the outer corners of the eye only).

Michael's favourite lashes are Ardel Wispies. Photo / Supplied

What’s your expert advice on how to apply false lashes?
It’s important to always trim false lashes, so they fit perfectly. Lashes can drag the eye down when too long for the length of the eye. First line-up lashes to make sure both ends fit within the eye lines. It’s also much easier to apply when the lash is trimmed perfectly to fit your eye shape.

2. Always trim the outer part of the lash. If the inner part is trimmed the lashes won’t blend seamlessly

3. I like to apply glue to the rounded edge of tweezers and use that to apply glue to the lash strip. DUO is my lash glue brand of choice and I always use the black tone to avoid any messy ‘white’ appearance when applying, great when you’re in a rush and don’t have time for white glue to dry clear.

4. Place lashes onto the lash line with tweezers or a lash applicator. This gives control and perfect placement right at the lash line. Apply to natural lashes, not so much your eyelid skin, as the lash will appear more natural here and you’ll have no visible gap between natural lash and false lash.

5. Use the other end of your tweezers or lash applicator to apply pressure to inner and outer lash corners so they don’t flick up later in wear.

6. Every time you remove your lashes immediately peel off any excess glue as you can re-use your lashes multiple times. This is why I’m sparing with the amount of mascara I use once applied.

How do you choose the best false lash set for your look?
No lash is too big or small, always choose the falsie that feels right for you. As a general rule of thumb, larger lashes can compensate for simple eye shadow while more natural lashes can subtly enhance a bold statement makeup. Everyone has their favourites.

Ardell lashes are available at Farmers, Unichem and Life pharmacies. Olay from selected department and variety stores and pharmacies. Marc Jacobs and Bite from sephora.co.nz. 

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